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"Do you want a long rectangle?"

Translation:Dych chi eisiau petryal hir?

February 2, 2016



Can "rectangle" be translated as "hirsgwar"?


Sure: hirsgwar = petryal


This whole unit has me imagining that I'm either playing with Lego, or playing Tetris


Why can't this be 'wyt ti'n eisiau' I am confused when to use dych chi or wyt ti, I know one is more formal but how do you know this from a very short sentence?


Wyt ti? is singular familiar, Dych chi? is everything else (so singular polite or any plural). Translating English "Do you want?" into Welsh could use either Wyt ti eisiau? or Dych chi eisiau? depending on the context, but on Duolingo there's usually no context so both should be accepted. In your example there's a small mistake though – eisiau, unusually, can't have an yn before it, so that's why you were marked wrong.

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