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"Do you want a long rectangle?"

Translation:Dych chi eisiau petryal hir?

February 2, 2016



I tried "dach chi isio petryal hir" - I thought dach and isio were the North Welsh versions, but it was corrected as "dych" altho "isio" was accepted...


I just typed 'dach chi isio petryal hir' and it was accepted without suggestions.


Can "rectangle" be translated as "hirsgwar"?


Sure: hirsgwar = petryal


Hir comes from Proto-Celtic *sīros, from Proto-Indo-European *seh₁-ro-. Is cognate with Latin serus ("late"), of which come Portuguese serão, French soir, Italian sera and Romanian seară, all meaning "evening".


In that case, it's also related to hwyr "late" too. In Welsh, one way of saying "in the evening" is yn yr hwyr.


Apparently hwyr was borrowed from Latin serus, while hir was inherited.


GPC says hwyr could possibly be native (cf. the word hwy “longer”) but your explanation seems most likely.


I put "dych chi'n eisiau petryal hir" but it said it was wrong and I needed to say "dych chi'n 'moyn' petryal hir" instead... Is this right? :( If anything, isn't it the "dych chi/dych chi'n" part I got wrong? Because the suggestion for what to put instead also had dych chi'n...

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Wyt ti'n moyn petryal hir?

Wyt ti eisiau petryal hir?

Wyt ti isio petryal hir?

Dych chi'n moyn petryal hir?

Dych chi eisiau petryal hir?

Dych chi isio petryal hir?

Ydych chi'n moyn petryal hir?

Ydych chi eisiau petryal hir?

Ydych chi isio petryal hir?

Dach chi'n moyn petryal hir?

Dach chi eisiau petryal hir?

Dach chi isio petryal hir?

Dych chi eisiau petryal hir?

The above are all the correct answers this question is supposed to accept. If any of them are not working a screenshot would be very useful for us to get back to the Duolingo staff for them to sort out.


What a list! And that's just for one simple sentence. A useful reminder and demonstration of all the painstaking work you mods put in on our behalf. Diolch unwaith eto.

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