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When will mandarin chinese come out?

Okay so I know they are hoping to bring out 50 new languages in the incubator within a month but how long till chinese for english people is in the incubater? thanks in advanced!

Vote up to get Chinese in the incubator!

December 22, 2013



Hi, I guess it will take a lot of time before Duolingo releases a chinese course for english speakers. Chinese is much more complex than western languages, you have to learn characters, how to write them, how to recognize them, how to pronounce them (pronunciation is not easy, looking at a character does not tell you how to pronounce it) and you have to learn pinyin as well and four different tones which are critical to the language.

In the meantime, you can give NuliNuli a try: http://nulinu.li/


Just teach the pinyin, then. You can add learning to read characters later, but why limit us for months to years while they figure out how to use duolingo to teach characters. At least people will get a jump start on speaking.


Absolutely - for many of us, the main point is to learn to hear and speak, not to write. I'm fine with a pinyin version first.


That is true, the main point may be speaking but really, pinyin can only take you so far. Soon people will be confused by how many different words look and sound the same, you often need the characters to disambiguate. In the end something is better than nothing, I will just have to wait until they figure out how to do the characters.


I agree, learning also how to read and write are such a treasure in any language. Why cut yourself short? The Chinese writing system is beautiful, historical and not that difficult. Just different. :)


Thank you so much for the link! Do you have any other Chinese links that would be helpful for beginners?


Hi GiantAndre, glad to hear you liked NuliNuli! If you are a beginner in chinese, I strongly recommend you give a full try to Anki, at least once in your life, and preferably early :). This software made a huge difference in my life for learning by heart things (chinese vocabulary but not only) and still is today (for learning japanese and more recently spanish).

Another tip: when I was living in China, I really had a need to recognize characters seen in the street during everyday life. It was not easy because I could not guess the pinyin and I had to write them by hand on a small notebook. Then I found a great app for that: Pleco on my iPhone. I could handwrite characters and instantly get their pinyin and translation. That was very efficient for learning on the way.

Let me know what you think of Anki, this is really the most important tool for me.


I use Anki for Korean and I love it! Pleco sounds really cool. I'll add it onto my iPhone. Thanks again for the tips!


They are two other apps worth trying on your iPad/iPhone: Skritter Chinese and ChineseSkill. Skritter is really great on an iPad to improve your character writing. ChineseSkill is, as far as I know, the currently only Duolingo-like app for Chinese.


Thank you so much for you recommendation!! I myself want to give it a try.


pinyin is not a true part of mandarin; it is just something for westerners so they can pronounce. also, a long time ago, many people had to learn Chinese without pinyin, and it is not considered "true" Chinese to most Chinese people, like me. sorry to burst your bubble, dancindoc, but it's true; facts don't care about feelings. :(


Thanks for the link! I hadn't heard of Nuli. And there are ways Duo could handle it, too, including the Romanized pinyin and picking out correct characters. I understand that strokes are important for writing, and for making sense of things, but I wouldn't expect Duo really to teach writing directly. Anyway, yeah, I'll try out Nuli for now.


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Please stop asking this. If they want to sign it, they will sign it the five or so other times you asked. Thanks!


Thank you sooo much! I'm studying Chinese in school and I wanted something to help me review over the summer! NuliNuli has become that resource, because of you. Again thank you!


Thanks should go to Régis who is the guy behind NuliNuli, not to me :) You can contact him easily (through NuliNuli contact form I guess) to tell him all this. He would very happy, plus it is his birthday today :-D


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Thank you so much for telling us about NuliNuli! Just looked at it quickly and it looks great :)


This is great, thanks for the link!


yes it is more difficult, mandarin have more than 25,000 general characters, unlike english only have 26 alphabets, but if they gonna release chinese course certainly they will open a big market. I would like to look for it.


To be able to have a 97% understanding of a text you only need about 2,000 characters, and about 3,000 to have a 99% understanding.


25 000 general characters but I dont think they will use all the mandarin characters... Maybe 5 000 or more. Anyway, ok it's more difficult that the english but not soooo difficult ^^ Hopefully it will be available soon because it's difficult to find another application really good like Duolingo... Et bon apprentissage de la langue Française :D


merci, j'aime française(i hope it didnt went wrong) i love french :D but i am still in the basic level (=・ω・=) it is great to speak to you!


You should say "J'aime le français" ;-). "français" (when taking about the language), is a masculine noun, and you need to put an article for masculine nouns ("le") in front of it.


oh thank you for correct me! :D


不客气 ! ;p


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Again, see my above comment and please stop asking. Thanks!

Edit: Of course there's nothing wrong with asking! But there is a problem with doing it on every single comment.




I would LOVE it if you guys bring out Mandarin Chinese!!! Can't wait for that to happen. I hope you announce it broadly because i want to start as soon as i can. Thanks for offering this amazing free service.


so... what’s the news on this? I would love to see Mandarin coming to Duolingo as well.



Mandarin is also not as hard as it seems. Yes, it's true that you'll have to learn a new writing system and memorize 3,000 characters to be able to get by in China, but the grammar is extremely simple, and the language is structured similarly to English.

For Example:

-No Conjugation 我说(Wǒ Shūo/I speak) 你说(Nǐ Shūo/ You speak) 他说(Tā Shūo/He speaks) 她说(Tā Shūo/ She speaks) 他们说 (Tā Mén Shūo/ They speak) 我们说 (Wǒ Mén Shūo/ We speak) etc.

Notice how the verb 说(Shūo) stays the same.

-Past tense In Mandarin Chinese, the past tense does not require changing a word, merely adding the character 了(lè) to the end of the sentence.

我吃 (Wǒ Chī/I eat) 我吃了(Wǒ Chī Lè/I ate)

-No Masculine or Feminine Verbs to stress about Just like English, and unlike many other languages, such as French, Mandarin has no gender for nouns, giving you one less thing to worry about.

-Vocabulary Unlike in English where there are so many words for different things, in Mandarin, new words are simply formed by combining already used characters together to form a new word, called 词(cí)

飞(Fēi/Fly) 机 (Jī/Machine)

Airplane= 飞 + 机 = 飞机 Airplane= Flying Machine

Kind of simple, right?

Yes, Mandarin has 4 tones, and yes, you will have to spend probably a few months to get them mastered, but once you really get into the intermediate level, you'll find out that it's really not that hard after all.

Happy Learning!


Anybody interested in contributing to the simplified chinese course for english speakers? Please apply there: http://incubator.duolingo.com/apply choose "chinese simplified" for "english" speakers. Thank you! :)


Yay! Looks like it's taking off!


How long do you reckon it will take for the English to Mandarin courses to be released?


I'd love to be a part of it, but I'm only 12. :(


wow i am a mother so me too im only 79


Cool! I'm 11 and only know Spanish and English so all the courses I could help with are made, even if I was 13. :)


I'm apply for both Traditional and Simplified, although biased - I prefer Traditional as I'm Taiwanese :D


Do you have to be a fluent speaker to contribute?


Mandarin speakers probably outnumber those of all other languages offered here, combined! What's up with that?


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I know!!! I saw that! SO HAPPY!!!


When Chinese does come out, I hope that there will be a toggle for simplified/traditional. I don't study or write in simplified characters, and most resources are simplified as it is... since traditional is just a matter of machine conversion I hope there'll be such an option.


+1, Mandarin Chinese duolingo please!


Try Chineseskill, you'll love it.


The English course for Chinese speakers is currently incubated with about 30-35% of completion. After the translation is completed, it will be released in beta. From the current speed of development I'd say it will take another 2-4 months. The English to Chinese course will most likely be added to the Incubator after that and, again, it will take some time to adjust it and, I believe, some time will also be needed to add some reading and writing lessons.


What is the current state of affairs?


Any word on this? I am eager to learn Mandarin the other sites online to not compare to Duolingo....


I think I can advertise a bit as long as Duolingo does not provide Mandarin:


tack så mycket!!!!!


Gracies!! I will remember your post! :D


Vielen Dank Jan! Dass war sehr hilfreich


If you ask me, those websites do not have a very good format for teaching any language. Duolingo is perhaps the best. Look at this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7418378


do u happen to speak all those languages? my that is amazing


I would need speaking experience, such as going abroad where I need to communicate a lot. I don't care how well I can speak, I live in the moment with that, see that I can understand roughly the content of books… actually level 12 is not so advanced. All the real knowledge comes from experience (books, television, real life), I don't have that. I just went on Duolingo extensively for a certain time phase this year and at the moment I got other interests, but I am young, I will always return to learning languages and a c t u a l l y become polyglot.

All the flags might seem impressive, but I am just an extremely curious person, not an expert in these languages.

I also think it's more important to start something, then trying to be actually good in everything from the beginning on. It's obvious that I cannot be good in so many languages, that will take time. We learn better when the material is not completely a stranger to us. Therefore we should skim books and read their chapter overview first, before we delve in, learn European languages with ease compared to Asian/Slavic/… languages and we also get closer to the truth if we see it from different points of view (whereas today most people are trained to be experts, not allrounders, let alone Rudolf Steiners).


I watch Chinese dramas lmao


@iyoossaev: Oops, I meant Western European languages, of course. They resemble each other much more than compared to Polish, Ukranian, Russian etc.


Really? You probably know more about it than me. I just picked up Russian again here on Duolingo, so maybe I will see. Or do you mean historically, but nowadays there aren't anymore the resemblances?


“learn European languages with ease compared to Asian/Slavic/” – I don't get this sentence. Since when Slavic languages are not European?


I would say that Germanic languages are more or less halfway between Slavic and Romance languages – and there are the Celtic languages as well, which are a somewhat different story altogether =]


Historically German, Polish, English and French were one language. But still, Romance languages: 12 tense, Germanic: 5, Slavic languages: 3-7; Romance languages: 0 cases, Germanic: 4 cases, Slavic: 6-7; Romance languages: some prefixes, Germanic: lots of prefixes, Slavic: even more prefixes. Granted Slavic languages are different from Western European languages as a whole, but not that much.


In the meantime, try memrise.com! :)


Mandarin is still not in the Incubator. You can check it yourself: http://incubator.duolingo.com/


Where did it go?


You don't say? What happened to it


It will be fun to have a mandarin course on Duolingo also.


You should try out ChineseSkill, its an free app for beginners, and the app has been out there for 2 years. They haven't been doing any ads I think. I also follow their FB page. It's amazing how they post those really cute pictures with Chinese vocabularies on it. Funny and helpful!


Hey thanks so much! I just downloaded the app and it looks just like duolingo. Can't wait to try it out. :D


I've been using ChineseSkill. This is a good app, I'm glad that I made the move from learning Spanish and other languages on Duolingo to learning Mandarin with ChineseSkill. I started before March, but when I got a job working where all of my colleagues are Chinese, I've been learning Mandarin more (most of the time during my lunch breaks). Currently, I'm up to the "Music and Comparison" lesson. It's not very important or urgent that I learn Chinese quickly, so I mostly use it during my lunch breaks. Nevertheless, learning a little bit a day will gradually result in fluency! I love the ability to learn offline, which is a function that is not available on Duolingo, despite suggesting this to the Duolingo developers. In Duolingo Spanish, I got up to Future Perfect. As other Duolingo users have commented, completing the tree doesn't make you fluent in Spanish. This is the same with ChineseSkill. While I have nearly completed the lessons, I still cannot tell what my colleagues are saying most of the time, only picking up some words in sentences, but rarely being able to tell what they mean.


Hi James Ray, I have had experiences of learning Mandarin. Chineseskill and hellochinese are different language. Chineseskill is much more complicated as Chineseskill is entirely focuses of speaking in North China. It is harder to understand and interact with them because they are seriously acquire thick accent and North China is also may have similar Germanic grammar arrangement.

I am based in Malaysia, Malaysia is multi racial country which consist of Malay, Chinese and Indian. Chinese Malaysians are majorly influenced by the southern dialect. It is easier to understand because of the grammar simplicity.However, I recommend to try both Chineseskill and hellochinese because you can be compatible in both regions. In conclusion of that, You may find that Hellochinese would be easier in terms of understanding and interact with others in verbal communication.

This is my review between these apps.

Kind Regards.


I come from southern China and lived in northern China. I don't think there's this difference in ChineseSkill that you talked about. The Mandarin pronunciation and vocabs in the app are very neutral and standard. They won't make you stand out as a "Northerner" if you're afraid of that.

Of course, all language has regional differences within the country/area. Especially when it comes to China, every Chinese thinks they learned and speak the most proper Mandarin. I would say the regional differences shouldn't be your concern; they might become really amusing when you're in advanced levels.


Well, it's kinda unfair to make this comparison because one app teaches a style of Chinese you're familiar with, right? I'm not from Asia so I can't compare like that. But my Chinese friends have seen me learning with Chinese Skill and say the content there is modern and realistic. Also the games on Chinese Skill are free. Hello chinese wants me to pay for their games though.


It's a great app, do you use any others like HelloChinese and Chinese Words (flashcards).


thank you soooooo much!


I cannot wait!!! :-D


Try ChineseSkill! It'll help a lot!


Super...I can finally learn to read/write my native language haha! Well...in a few months or so anyways!


Priceless!!! =D


I really want to learn Chinese. I don't know how to vote for it, but I gave you a lingot just for asking about it.


+1 for Mandarin too


? Isn't Plus one a Google+ thing or something?


Having Chinese on Duolingo would be great


chinese should be a priority right now for duolingo...


Duolingo still doesn't offer a Mandarin course now. My Chinese teacher recommended an app called HelloChinese to me. It's quick, thorough and follows the same style as duolingo. Meanwhile, I use memrise for vocabulary. I recommend you all to check them out.

Here are the links: Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1001507516 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hellochinese


HelloChinese is great! I've been using it for a few months and would definitely recommend it.




干杯 is the "cheers" when drinking. I think you meant to write "加油" :)


um, I think cheers is ok with this occasion, like "cheer up", and instead of "best regards", "cheers" is a friendly and informal greeting at the end of message :) my Australian boss always wrote me cheers in her emails, too.


See, this is why we need the course on Duolingo XD


I've been using Chinese Skill for a month now. It's truly been amazing!! I would recommend it to anyone who is still waiting for Duolingo Chinese.


in english cheers can also mean "expressing good wishes on parting or ending a conversation", so it's legitimate. i think in chinese it's 祝你好运!


I'd suggest wiring in traditional form 祝你好運。


"good luck" (with that) is best in USA

[deactivated user]

    Lovely! Just today I was thinking I would love to start Manderin but Duo doesn't offer it yet for English speakers.. only four days away. Great timing :D


    If you would like to converse with other people who are learning Mandarin. Send me a friend request on Wire.com (@aris3). It's still new :)


    yo mate- LazyEinstein-you are learning alot of languages


    I love how it says there isn't much of a demand for it. Are they really trying to say there's more of a demand for Esperanto than Chinese? haha


    I recommend you start with ChineseSkill! It's the first app that came out to fill in the place. It has all you need to start with.

    The popular theory is that Chinese is just way too different and complicated. The energy and resources developing Duolingo Chinese could easily outweigh the return (in their eyes). Hence is Duolingo Chinese still a mystery.

    Download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chineseskillhl=en https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chineseskill-learn-mandarin-chinese-language-free/id777111034?mt=8


    but they already have English for Chinese speakers so they could just do it the other way around...


    I have family who speak Mandarin so i've been interested in learning. I am trying HelloChinese and so far, I feel very comfortable with it. It's great, everyone interested should try.


    Is that a Chinese badge I see there?


    No its vietnamese, my mom, dad, grandparents and many, many other relatives speak Vietnamese. I stopped using Duolingo to learn it because i figured one of my family members could teach me.


    Make sure you guys give ChineseSkill a try!!! It is the FIRST app that came out to fill in the void as we wait for Duolingo Chinese. The app has perfected itself over a few years. (Ironically, when ChineseSkill first came out, everyone saw it as a copycat of Duolingo. But since Duolingo never released a Mandarin version, ChineseSkill did many people a huge favor!!)

    Anyways the app is free and comes with an amazing amount of learning materials.

    Download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chineseskillhl=en https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chineseskill-learn-mandarin-chinese-language-free/id777111034?mt=8


    I downloaded it and tested out of the whole thing in 2 minutes.


    So you're saying it's quite bad and not worth trying?


    No. It's awesome for beginners.


    As a Chinese learner since Kindergarten, HelloChinese is quite easy for me. I've tried ChineseSkill, Memrise and other things, but everything is below my level. So for advanced learners, I don't recommend those programs.


    Yes! I have hello chinese. I'm finding it very helpful


    Once I've finished the lessons on ChineseSkill and done considerable reviewing of it, I may try Hello Chinese.


    I think once you're done with ChineseSkill, you won't really need Hello Chinese...


    Thank you. That is a huge help.


    Is there an option to take a placement test first like the option of Duolingo? That would really help me since I've been learning Mandarin at school for 2.5 years. 謝謝!


    Inside HelloChinese App, you will see a tree. When you scroll down, there are a few of "Shortcut"s. That is a kind of placement test which can let you pass through the courses.


    Thank you so much!!


    I am on level 6 already The chinese course came out 12/16/17.


    Wow. This is a relic :)


    I cannot believe that the most spoken language in the world is still not available on this site! Myself and (clearly) many others would very much like the course to exist! If anyone with some amount of Mandarin knowledge started one in the incubator, I think that would really help get it started.


    I've been waiting for two years it's the most spoken language in the world like come on


    Will be available in December beta versinho 12/15-17


    Chinese is open now, but I am really annoyed by one thing... why are there no pictures to help the beginner learn the MEANING of the words, as in all the other languages Duolingo offers? I am not a complete beginner in Chinese as I studied it in college, but for the absolute beginner, teaching only the character for each word, and not the meaning, is all but useless. If HelloChinese can do it, Duo should be able to as well.


    Came out like a couple months ago I believe but now it's up.


    Thanks for bringing it out! Back on Duolingo everyday now!


    Isn't the Chinese on this site already Mandarin?


    Yes. This was posted in 2014 when Duolingo didn't put out a mandarin course.


    Will there be cantanese chinese on Doulingo?


    Is Duos "Chinese" Mandarin or Cantonese?


    When you read this 6 years later, with Chinese being out for two years lol


    I’m the 1700th upvote :0


    1705th upvote, hehe, sorry, I am SO late. They already let it out! But if they didn't, I would be sad too!


    found lady who speedruns the chinese coursehttps://shrinkme.in/p12yYtb


    See here the official announcement about Chinese from English entering the incubator.
    And the course's page announces "December 15th, 2017" as estimated release (in beta) date. Note that this estimated date is likely set by staff hence it may be for once a more "reliable" date.


    I want Chinese now


    I'd love to have Mandarin Chinese on Duolingo! (I live in China but I still have mastered my native language) :)


    Indeed. I agree that the Chinese language is way different from all the other languages - but this is honestly taking too long!

    I hope we can get some status on how far they've come.


    I agree! Could we get a status update please.


    Sign our petition?


    3 years, 104 upvotes and 21 Lingots. [Still] not in the Incubator. Plus the "Contact Us" part is only for journalists, bloggers & enterprises. Any hope here? P.S. As a native Chinese speaker, I have signed up...


    I would really like Chinese and Japanese to be on Duolingo!


    lease give me some lingots, I am poor, thanks, have a great day


    Begging for linglots is against the Duolingo guidelines.


    +1 for Mandarin!


    Any more news about Mandarin coming out? Release date?


    10 months and counting!


    3+ years since I signed up to the mandarin beta!


    One of the most important languages of this time. With 1 in 8 people around the world speaking it and still it is not availablel on Duolingo? It's a shame. I use LingQ.com to learn Chinese, but I would love to have the Duolingo system as addition to that


    I agree with you 100%, it's an extremely important language. Because of it's difficulty with characters and what not though, apparently this is what is holding DuoLingo back in having it set up on their language program. It's unfortunate, but I do appreciate you bringing up LingQ.com. I'm going to look into it. You should also look into "The Chairman Bao". It's like a news website, that's dedicated to teaching you Chinese. http://www.thechairmansbao.com/


    By the way, if you're really impatient and don't want to go in the library or somewhat, you can switch via Add a new course to I speak: Chinese and then to English.

    I know, it's not the same, as you don't have the Chinese pronunciation and without elucidation (for learners without basic foreknowledge in Mandarin it might be a bit difficult to understand), but – despite new vocabularies – I learnt something, e.g. the classifier 分 for 报纸 or 阅读 instead of 读 or 看 for to read a book

    → S.O.P.: Copy the character(s) between »“« and »”«, paste it into a dictionary like this one and you get the pronunciation as well as the translation. Perfect, isn't it?


    I would not recommend that. Chinese as an analytic, tonal language, with an ideographic writing system, is quite different from English in almost every aspect. Learning the wrong way would cost more in the future to correct.


    I'm currently doing the reverse course in Japanese with very good results. I'm about 2 months in and have been able to keep it fully practiced. I'm starting to understand more and I'm close to being able to express myself verbally. I'm using other resources too, watching and listening to media content in Japanese, and attending a weekly group with native speakers.

    Doing the reverse course feels very immersive and I'm wondering if it's actually a better way to learn than the forward course, which seems closer to conventional classroom learning (something that works poorly for me.) It forces me to think very hard and figure out the grammar and logic like a puzzle.

    I also have started the reverse course in Chinese and it seems much easier to me than the reverse course in Japanese, which is perfectly workable. The grammar in Japanese seems far more different to me than the grammar in Chinese, but I'm still able to figure it out, mostly just by repeated exposure to progressively more complex examples, and the trial-and-error of being corrected by DuoLingo (or corrected by native speakers when I am speaking with them).


    I don't think that there will be any damage costs, that is far too pessimistic in my view. Everybody is free to do his own research on grammar patterns with linguee.com or grammar sites/books. It is all about learning in conjunction with other things.


    +1 for Chinese on Duolingo. This needs to happen ASAP.


    Yeah, as a native Mandarin speaker, I really wish that Chinese can be added in the course list so that more people can learn it. Yet it's really hard to do so since I tried the "English for Chinese speakers" course and figured that languages that can switch the order of words without causing confusion (such as Chinese) are quite hard to fit into the system. When I was trying to "learn" that course (I know both languages quite well so I was just curious), I found out that it's quite hard for me to get the right answer. Not because I didn't know what the question was asking, but because in Mandarin, a word can have several meanings. Also, sometimes if you switch the order of words in a Mandarin sentence, it also makes sense. However the system didn't add all the possible answers, especially the colloquial ones. So if "Mandarin for English speakers" would be added, I hope this problem can be fixed somehow.


    Just signed up to leave a comment that this is sorely needed. Otherwise thanks for your great work. This is a great app!


    I just started duolingo, and I want to learn other languages. What should be coming in soon, and when?


    Keen to see 普通话 added in the next few months. Where is Japanese in the product queue.


    I wait also it. Honestly, I tried a lot of app and anyone are really good... Hopefully it will be available soon...


    I hope it comes out soon.


    Sign our petition?


    Yeah! One more here that can't wait for the mandarin course ;) Keep up the good work!


    They said Chinese would be one of the original beta languages when I signed up at the beginning. 3 or so years and still no sign. I wouldn't be optimistic of it coming anytime soon.


    I've been using the Skritter app to quiz myself on words, tones, and characters and I've been really impressed with it. You can see my review here: http://michelleglauser.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/app-review-learning-chinese-with.html


    +1 for Mandarin


    It is six months ago then there is no Chinese duolingo. Please make it

    thank a lot duolingo team brings the study for me


    It's 3 years since it was supposedly going to be offered in the beta.


    I would love to help with the incubator project for mandarin, but since I am not a fluent speaker, I am not sure I am allowed to help...but mandarin in the language I want to focus on!


    ya where is it. The most spoken language in the world


    When when when? Can't wait...when?


    Any update on Mandarin for English?


    Any update?? This app seems useful and I want to learn Chinese mandarin with it. If u are not willing to do it yourself, can you upload a language sdk? So that the community can provide it???


    I've applied to be a Chinese incubator but haven't yet got any responses. Maybe they are just establishing a system for teaching something like stroke orders, phonetic script (pinyin or bopomofo), tones (not yet a tonal language incubated; let's see what it's like in the Vietnamese course), or even radicals, etymology (these two are not used in any other languages but I think they are helpful in learning characters) So let's just wait.


    cuando tendran mandarin de espanol a mandarin?


    I have been holding off on using duolingo for years now due to the fact it doesn't support Mandarin, but would love to use it to improve my skills in this area (my wife and hence full extended family is mandarin speaking -- most don't speak english). I agree with many in this thread when they say not to worry about the written language, which I have little interest in learning (spent 100's of hours, got nowhere...), so if pinyin is a compromise that can get us a module, I'm all for it! :) Thanks for making an excellent product, I hope this input provides some value in getting mandarin on the list...


    I want to learn chinese


    Me, too! Come on DuoLingo guys...what are you waiting for - let us learn Chinese! There are so many of us who want to learn this language, and it's not even under incubation! =(

    Is anyone even reading and care about all these requests?! =/


    i have been waiting for Chinese to hit this app!!, i want to learn a eastern language, and a middle eastern one as well.


    This was a year ago they need to hurry!


    Sign our petition?


    I want to learn Chinese :(


    also want chinese :(


    Sign our petition? :)


    quiero mucho el idioma chino tambien!


    I'm putting my vote in. Any news on this?


    please add mandarin it will help me practice my chinese i am learning in class


    i'd really love to have mandarin chinese in Duolingo


    The thread is 2 years old. Any updates?


    No, no one has any updates. They still haven't made it work yet.


    I've also signed up as an incubator, really hope this can take off!


    As long as you're used to how duo lingo looks so you can recognize it with no words, the English course for Chinese speakers works extremely well for English speakers learning Chinese.


    That won't work, speakers will only pronounce English words, not Chinese words.


    Hey, Alan! It is good to have course at least in one direction. I find it useful just to learn new words without pronunciation. It also immerses you better in Chinese language, because you don't see English interface. Anyway I would happy to see Chinese course for English speakers as well. And it would be nice to be able to disable pronunciation lessons for the entire course.


    I think we should learn Chinese because what if we are eating Chinese food and either... A. Menu is in Chinese B. Waiter speaks Chinese C. Whole reasterant speaks Chinese?! Also anyone who has seen Mr. Pebody and Sherman I quote, " Mandarin Chinese is the future languge."


    I've been subscribed to this page forever now and read so many stupid messages here, it's so annoying. I'm starting to hate duolingo for not letting us know a thing about the current stage of Chinese.


    I know, they could at least let us know if they are considering it, I posted this two years ago and nothing.


    upvoted, please get Mandarin into the incubator, would love to practice such a beautiful language, if not just for the art, for the mathematical nature of its numerical system or the totally unique quality of how it rolls off the tongue... truely amazing.


    That would be nice to have mandarin.



    I love Duolingo and would like to learn Chinese. I've tried other Chinese language apps and they are not as good.


    I want to learn Chinese too!! Not now but maybe in one year, after Russian and French. How long will take to have a Chinesse course in Duolingo? Anyone knows? Because this discussion was open two years ago...


    i will go to mandarin immersion kindergarten. i really wish duolingo has mandarin. my sister started spanish on duolingo and went to immersion and she speaks spanish very good.


    Maybe you need to learn English.


    Duolingo recently released a new flashcard app called Tinycards, which apparently includes Chinese flashcards. I guess this is the closest we have so far to a Chinese course, but I don't know how good it is...


    Hello, I posted a feature request to Duolingo that may add some transparency on how the process for a new language goes before we see the course in the incubator - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16494611 Would you care to vote for it? As soon as there are 50+ votes I will try to approach the Duolingo team since I am willing to contribute the feature.


    I'm dying for Mandarin ;)


    I love using Duolingo, and offering Mandarin Chinese would be such an asset to this site. Please start adding the course.


    how do i add a different language to my list? i wanna learn two..


    Hover over your username on the right corner of the screen and click on "Settings" from the dropdown. Then on the right side of the screen click on "Learning Language" from the list. Click on "See all Language Courses" and on the page it will take you to find the language you would like to learn and click on it's icon thingy. Then on the language's description click on "Start Course". That will add a language to your account.


    Please add Mandarin Chinese soon, Duolingo! (Are there specific issues that need to be solved first or is there no plan to develop it at all?)


    after 2 years I'm still waiting patiently, keep going translators :D !


    Bumping this thread because yaaaay Chinese!


    i would assume chinese won't come out until 2025


    I would like Mandarin! Has there been any progress since 2 years ago?


    Popped back after a year and no update on this. Just silence. Shame. Still looking for an addictive Mandarin learning experience in 2016. Tragic really.


    Have you tried Memrise? HelloChinese? Any Chinese app, at all?


    As a native Cantonese speaker, I would love to see Mandarin on the Duolingo app.


    I want to travel to China and I want to know some Chinese!



    Duolingo please listen to us and make a Chinese course! We have over 547 people who want a Chinese course which I think is enough for a course to start.


    Another vote for Mandarin.


    Hey duolingo,

    I used to study Mandarin Chinese. It's definitely a hard language to teach. If you were to teach it, I would recommend starting with how to pronounce pinyin with accent marks, as well as the Chinese alphabet. Then how to write the characters and what they mean, and then how to write the pinyin and pronounce them. No pressure, just suggestion. I REALLY want to learn Mandarin, and so do a lot of us Chinese Americans out there... hint hint!



    Japanese will soon be in beta, so I assume there are no technological obstacles to adding Chinese.

    I'd very much like to know what prevents work on this course from being started.

    Is it a lack of contributors?


    No. Many people are trying to contribute, it is just the tones that they need to teach.




    little disappointed to see that this is 3 years old :l but Japanese has just came out on duolingo so maybe Chinese is closer to hatching too.


    Give ChineseSkill a try! It'll help while you're waiting. I promise!


    thank you! :) I'm gonna check it out now


    Interested in learning Chinese and have fun? Try an iOS app we developed called “ED-WONDERLAND” - a game based and super interactive way of learning basic Chinese! It is also a great tool for learning Chinese characters too!

    In Ed-Wonderland, you can -learn Mandarin by passing through multiple educational levels, -learn vocabulary conforming to HSK 1-3 proficiency tests requirements, -click on objects to see what they are called in the Mandarin language, -play with well-designed interactive mechanisms in multiple scenes, -use the Mandarin language knowledge learned to complete different missions, and -save animals from enemies in the Animal Valley!

    Download: http://goo.gl/tLEmmQ


    Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Therefore if it were to come out on Duolingo I would definitely learn it


    Duolingo really loses potential learners by not even having Chinese in incubator.


    FYI, from an interviewed gave by staff member to Forbes:

    Mandarin Chinese by year-end

    Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/elaineramirez/2017/09/07/duolingo-korean-language-course-launch/#2f31dc836c70


    no clue but i would to do it


    yes I'd be very interested too.


    I'm hoping for Cantanese, my dad is fluent in that.


    The initial roadmap was targeting April 2014. April 2015 has now passed and I can't wait any longer. My Mandarin tutor recommended ChineseSkill for iOS.


    Are you sure it's not "English for Chinese Speaker", because the course was incubated around that time too. There isn't yet a "Chinese for English Speaker" course under incubation, so.


    Check out the HSK tests for a structure and then you can get certified as you go. They start at like $20. I passed the first 2 tests (500 words). Only available in Simplified Chinese (Mainland Chinese)


    Sign our petition? :)


    They now have Korean in development. So why isn't Chinese even being started yet?


    sign our petition?


    It's not going to change anything. You can't just petition it into existence.


    Not with that attitude it can't be. :)


    You can't force them to do anything


    I think once the Vietnamese course comes out in Beta, we will see how compatible Duolingo is with Asian languages.


    Why would they have Korean and Vietnamese but no Chinese or Japanese?


    The first reason is the amount of dedicated contributors. Once you have enough, you take into account that Korean and Vietnamese are far more "app-friendly" than Chinese. The Korean script is basically like building blocks and you can learn it very quickly. Vietnamese uses a modified Latin alphabet so it's easy to type too, just install the right keyboard. With Chinese, the grammar is pretty easy, but you have to memorize thousands of characters and their stroke order so that will be a huge part of the course. I think the Duolingo team is trying to create a new tree that would be compatible with Chinese. It's also very confusing if you aren't native Chinese to type Chinese on the keyboard, let alone to be able to type it on your phone. Japanese is the same way, as you have to learn 3 scripts. However, it might be easier because you can choose to convert the hiragana to kanji. The grammar of Asian languages is very different than the mostly European languages we have been seeing, but like I said, Vietnamese will be the pioneer for more in the future.


    Typing in Vietnamese is a royal pain. Chinese, using the PRC keyboard in Windows, is much faster to get down on paper - I used to type out my homework because it was so much faster than writing. And as for learning stroke order, except for a tutor I had in high school (who also taught us calligraphy so stroke order was rather more important), I can't recall a single teacher that really emphasized that over knowing the actual characters, of which there aren't too many in terms of basics/starting out. And for someone who is good at rote memorization, Chinese simplified characters are fairly easy. If you're good at patterns, Chinese might even be quite easy in terms of reading/writing.

    I'm not saying that Chinese isn't hard, nor that any language is easy to set down in programming, but it seems like people overly complicate how difficult learning Chinese can be. Yes, if you're used to, say, the romance languages, then Chinese would be more difficult, but like any language, it merely requires hard work, persistence and a bit of stubbornness. How much more difficult it is over any other language is completely dependent on the individual.


    Isn't Vietnamese a tonal language just like Chinese though?


    Or is that not part of the problem?


    Yes, it actually has more tones than China which makes it harder. I've tried the course and they don't put any emphasis on it at all; in fact you could just type everything out without any accents. Granted, it's still in Beta but they put weird sentences like "I eat the mug" so you could tell the difference between cá and ca ,for example. Tones are essential and I am looking forward to how they are going to teach it. Again, I think the main reason that Chinese isn't on Duo yet is because of its writing system. It's important if you have trouble with the tones to at least be able to write down what you want to say..


    There are some "duolingoesque" apps out there. In fact I passed my HSK1 mandarin exam with a 99/100 qualification using ChineseSkill among other study material. My opinion? Duolingo are negotiating an agreement with ChineseSkill or Chineasy in order o use their coding... just like that.


    I don't see why they can't just use pinyin. There is other websites that have done it.


    If there was a keyboard which converted pinyin to hanzi that would be great. I think learning the Chinese characters are absolutely essential. Learning a tonal language is very acquired and takes a lot of time to practice listening and speaking. It's very important that people can differentiate them. At least if someone is having trouble speaking Chinese they could always write it out. I just wish they could at least give us some updates.


    The Chinese keyboard (that pops up on a general device) functions by letting the user type in pinyin and multiple suggestions for characters will show up. If Duolingo could somehow integrate that keyboard into the lessons, it would be much easier to recognize characters and differentiate them. The typical keyboard also has an option that has keys of strokes. You basically click on each stroke to create your characters. Or they could substitute each stroke with a number. This would probably be slower to type, but might work, I think.


    if they could somehow integrate this into the lessons for the writing part: http://www.chinese-tools.com/tools/ime.html

    It's an awesome tool and recognizes what you may be writing so you can input the correct character.


    You can just switch the keyboard to pinyin


    Hello Chinese and Chinese Skill are good, but they aren't as good as Duolingo


    I'm using both Hello Chinese and Duolingo and Hello Chinese I way better. It a) does not mainly have translation based exercises (which are an awful way to learn a language), but also dialogue based questions. b) Has much more speaking practice COMBINED with listening and comprehension (there is a whole lesson only speaking in each branch). c) is possible to use offline d) has a youtube channel where they answer questions, explain grammar and have some extra content such a colloquial expressions e) has flashcards for reviewing. Also Hello Chinese was developed for Chinese learning. Chinese is different from European languages (for examples tones / Characters, sentence structures, a whole different way to think of tenses) and just translating duolingos set of sentences designed to practice something like the perfect tense will not lead to a useful learning experiences.


    Exactly like what you said... I give you a Lingot^^


    Sign our petition?


    I also want to vote for this! Any updates?


    I hope Chinese comes out soon :)


    definitely Mandarin, 3/4 of 1200 million Chinese speakers speak Mandarin


    it's spoken all around nd if they dont they usually learn as second language, also Cantonese use same or pretty similar characters


    We all hope this day will come.


    I'm looking forward to seeing the Mandarin for English speakers course come out! I already applied to help incubate the course, although I don't know if it'll work, seeing as it hasn't begun yet...haha :D Can't wait!


    HELLO CHINESE is an awesome app for Learning Mandarin and is actually created by members of the Duolingo team and therefor follows an almost identical format.

    Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1001507516

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hellochinese

    I found a link to this app by accident on another Duolingo comment page and after one week of using this app I was able to order food, drink and have basic conversation with people at the local Chinese restaurant near my house. After a month I've passed all of the Mandarin that I've learned in almost a year and a half. For everyone who is waiting for Duolingo to create a Chinese course for English speakers I definitely recommend this app.


    I'm also using it. It's quite similar to duo but I don't think it's created by members of duolingo team. You must made a mistake.


    My vote is for Mandarin Chinese.


    Want to learn mandarin on the best language site ever


    I would love to learn chinese.


    Anyone know of any good mandarin programs elsewhere?


    Is there any recent news about the Mandarin Chinese course? Duolingo is such a great way to learn and practise languages! I really hope Chinese comes out soon...


    It might take a while for the Mandarin Chinese course to come out, but at least there's a CH->EN course, and that's a start. I would love to see a Chinese course though!


    I want to learn Chinese for English speakers!


    Likewise. I'd like to start Mandarin as a native English speaker


    Voting for Mandarin Chinese


    i really hope chinese will come out soon! after all, i am chinese\african american


    I would love to be able study Mandarin using Duolingo! I can appreciate the difficulties that must exist due to the non-western style aspects of the language, but surely after two years they've come up with something. Maybe they're having a hard time holding on to contributors?


    Adding my vote for Chinese. Thanks DuoLingo! We love you. :) <- Extra brownie points. :)


    idk i am new to this


    i want chines language!!!! bring it to duolingo!!!!!


    I actually volunteered to contribute/moderate on the Duolingo Incubator almost a year ago. I only got a thank you message until this point. I was initially pretty disappointed at Duolingo and thought this was some conspiracy to prevent the world from learning Chinese. After reading some comments here, I realized teaching Chinese isn't that easy. Being the only major non-alphabetical language (a logogram, as the linguists call it), there is very little connection between what you see and what you say at the beginning. Getting started is really difficult. All that said, I have quite a few German/American friends, who are very good at Chinese, albeit they all spent years in China. If we don't start, we can't improve. I'm still willing/ready to contribute to a Chinese course.


    I really love duoLingo, but I need to learn Mandarin. I have been practicing Spanish in hopes that Mandarin would soon be available. Clearly it is not going to be available anytime soon. I am horrible at learning a new language. Thanks to them many posts offering other Apps that provide Mandarin support. I will now focus on those and unfortunately say goodbye to duoLingo.


    I'd like to say that I would like this as well. I realize that it will be difficult to teach, but I think it should be done anyway. It's a very influential language, and many people want to learn it.


    I'd also like an English to Mandarin course.


    Want to add my vote for a Mandarin course! I'm having a great time with the Italian course, and would love to try Mandarin as well!


    Hopefully this language will be added soon.


    I would love to learn Mandarin through Duolingo! I will look at the other suggested links in the meantime.


    They REALLY should work on adding it. I want to learn Mandarin through Duolingo. I hope they get it in the Incubator soon.


    please one more like


    So disappointing to be a new user (learning spanish quite quickly, thanks!) and look for your most desired languages and see both of them non-existent. Even sadder to see that they've been requested for several years now, and it looked like there was going to be some progress, but still nothing. Please implement this course DuoLingo, Mandarin is going to be very useful in the future!


    My son and daughter-law-speak it. I want to as well!


    I would be ecstatic if a Chinese course came out. I have been trying to learn for years.


    I've been waiting for Mandarin Chinese for so long!


    Ouch, this was 3 years ago and the course still doesn't exist. I really want to see it.


    I really want a Chinese course :/


    Many kids are learning this language in school and need support especially with their coursework, there are very few ways to effectively learn Chinese and it is even more difficult if students do not have a family member that speaks the language. A course in Chinese would help eliminate this problem and provide feasible help to students (and non-students) who want to learn another language.


    Yes. I was in a mandarin bilingual school, and if Duolingo had Chinese, it would have helped me so much.


    really want to learn Chinese


    I want to learn chinese


    I, as a native Chinese speaker, would love to see this course on Duolingo soon. Fingers crossed for it to be in the Incubator by this year...

    BTW If anyone has questions concerning Chinese, I'm available for help! :P


    I wish there was because my sisters take Chinese and I want to find them a good app for learning Chinese so I am kind of mad at duolingo. but I still like it at the same time..... lol


    Please let us know when Mandarin for English speakers is available - I'm struggling with my classes!


    Hi, is there anything I can help you with? I'm a native speaker.


    I need to learn Chinese to communicate with my family in China. So I would really appreciate to have it in a Duolingo format.


    Now this is one of the main missing ones. I would like it.


    I really don't think Mandarin Chinese is suitable for learning in the current Duolingo way.

    here is my analysis:

    Why You Cannot Learn Mandarin at Duolingo?



    Yeah I've been waiting for mandarin for ages


    Still no Chinese, after three years not even in incubator...


    It has arrived in the incubator now!! :)


    I think Duolingo is in negotiations with HelloChinese or ChineseSkill (or both) to buy their program. It would explain the lack of info or progress on a Mandarin course, while Japanese and Korean and Vietnamese have been progressing. I hope I'm right and they release a Mandarin course soon!


    I'm focusing on other languages at the moment, but I've been interested in Chinese for a long time! I really hope this can get in the incubator someday, Chinese is an incredibly beneficial language and duolingo is an really helpful resource!


    You should try ChineseSkill. It is not Duolingo Chinese, but better!


    Hi guys I am thinking of applying to bring Chinese Mandarin in as a course, any contributors?


    I hope they add Mandarin soon!


    The wait is still gonna be long. Try ChineseSkill while you're waiting. It's covers a lot of topics and offers well structured courses to advance levels.


    Well, I'm Chinese myself. So, ask away any Chinese you want to know!


    We should learn mandarin!


    There is english for chise here, so it is possible to do opposite. Chinese people help pls! :)


    Have you heard of ChineseSkill?


    it's for Android? I want to use something as web-site


    Looking forward to this course!


    If we do have that many people wanting to learn it, we can always introduce it into the incubator: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply


    I was hoping for English-Chinese overhere, since I love Duolingo set up. But will try the other 2 versions mentioned here in the meantime. Thx for the info


    I've seen reports that they're hiring Mandarin Chinese curriculum builder's now (ad postings online? think I saw it via reddit...). So, depending on how long that takes (quite a while based on Japanese) maybe up to a year or so? Still recommend for serious learners to choose an online tutor for Chinese -- www.tutormandarin.net seems to be the best choice with online mobile tutoring and more. Dictionary apps -- Pleco. Characters -- Skritt.ers Etc etc


    I think the main reason why Chinese hasn't been added yet is because it's really complex and the course would take awhile to incubate


    i also want Chinese...even though i speak Chinese


    I hope this happens. I know Duolingo is free but I would honestly be willing to pay say £0.99-£20 for the course considering that it is so complicated.


    Looks like they've got Chinese in the incubator!!! YES!!! Thank you Duolingo!


    I would also like to see a Mandarin Chinese course on Duolingo. Please let me know how I can contribute to seeing the course through.


    Yeah they give the poor excuse of money and lack of demand, yet here we are with klingon... but no chinese for english speakers :/


    where is the link to excuse of money and lack of demand ? scratch head


    The site earns with the service. I have read that because of demand and technical difficulties, they are reluctant to offer Chinese.

    But they deem Klingon profitable and in higher demand.. shrugs.


    sign our petition anyone?


    What petition? Is there even one? I'd be the first to sign. :)


    Sign our petition?


    Just a heads up: ChineseSkill is now completely free. :) This Duolingo copypaste works pretty well and has already taught me a lot.


    It would be so fun to learn chinese and there is a creepy girl who likes me and thinks i live in china


    You sound pretty creepy yourself!


    To those who want to learn Chinese! Maybe this will help in the meantime ;)

    Check this app out! Similar to duo, but to learn Chinese!


    Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.