"Can you see that school?"

Translation:Widzisz tamtą szkołę?

February 2, 2016

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Should this not be <Do you see that school> instead of <Can you>? Can you would be <Możesz>, right?


Is there a difference in English between "can you see that school" and "do you see that school"?

Can translates to many words in Polish depending on context,


In everyday usage, there is not much difference in these two sentences, because the intention would just be to know if the other person sees the school, so that other things about it can be discussed. However, there is always a real difference between "can" meaning "to be able to", and "do" meaning do you actually see it now. I think normally Duo is quite strict about not adding a sense of being able to if its not there already in the sentence to be translated, so FAZ-Aquitaine has a point; however when, as in this instance, Duo allows the "can" I think it is usually recognising that in normal usage either translation is acceptable.


I think that duo allows the most literal translation that still makse sence without too much imagination. We are not talking about Hogwarts or the need of special permission to see that school. We are not talking about me asking you politely to see a school. We are asking if you do see that school and in Polish only "Czy widzisz tamtą szkołę" works.( and it's wariants regarding, czy , you, and word order)

I could write a very long post about different translations of can and see in Polish, and imaginary situations where they could be used but I do not think it is needed.

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