"Он научился читать сам."

Translation:He learned to read by himself.

February 2, 2016



He learnt to read himself should be accepted.

February 2, 2016


That sounds horribly awkward. It sounds like he learned how to read himself, as if himself is the thing that he's learned how to read. That's barring "learnt" as well, as I understand that it's common in the UK.

May 18, 2016


It could be interpreted that way, it depends on the context, or the intonation in speech.

I was taught (at school in Britain) that there is a distinction between the -ed ending and the -t ending of such irregular verbs. Examples: he burned the potatoes, now the potatoes are burnt. She always spelled the word incorrectly until she saw how it should be spelt. Nonetheless, for some odd reason, with learn it is the opposite. E.g., The teacher learnt all his life, he was learned Go figure... Maybe that's why Americans made it simpler

May 18, 2016


Possibly, but I was referring to "He learned to read himself." It's the "himself" there that sounds odd. You need something like "by" before it.

May 18, 2016


It sounds fine to my American ears. Not that different from “he walked home himself” or “he learned how to juggle himself”. You could interpret it to mean he was juggling himself around, but I would only do so to be playful with the language. And anyway, you could interpret “he learned how to juggle (or read) by himself” as he acquired the skill, but could only use it in a room alone.

May 14, 2018


"That's barring 'learnt'", lol, barring correct and standard English, okay kid. Sorry that you were taught bastardised American English, but "learnt" is absolutely the past participle of "learn" and you are completely wrong to even think of bringing that up in your ignorant post.

April 21, 2019


He learnt to read is the correct way of saying it in the UK

October 19, 2016


in this clown course, it still doesn't allow "learnt" 2 years later. An absolute joke, obviously the contributors gave up long ago trying to accept proper answers. By the time you get half way through it completely point blank rejects standard english. Joke ting.

April 21, 2019


Why does this not accept "learnt" instead of "learned"?

January 29, 2017


Why is "learnt" wrong?

April 12, 2019


It's not. It's a mainly British variant that the course creators haven't added as a correct answer, despite many complaints.

April 12, 2019


Does сам refer to the learning or to the reading or is it ambiguous in Russian, too?

October 23, 2016


I am sorry for a late answer but some people may still not know it. It's also ambiguous in Russian. It can mean he taught himself to read. It can mean also that he (finally) learned to read without any help (earlier he could read but only with someone's help).

March 11, 2017


'He taught himself to read' would probably cover the meaning better.

December 7, 2016


Why is "He has learned to read by himself" wrong? Does the "have" invoke some other grammatical structure?

June 2, 2017


He learnt to read by himself. - Почему неправильно?

August 24, 2018


I assume the meaning is better represented with he taught himself to read too. But either way learnt is british english and should be accepted instead of learned.

January 2, 2019


Agreed. I reported it.

March 31, 2016
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