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First Time Using duolingo For Schools

I have used duolingo in class occasionally allowing students to practice using my iPad and projector; however, I'm new to duolingo for schools and would love some ideas on the best way to roll it out for my high school classes. THANKS!

February 2, 2016



My Math teacher made us use a website of math exercises as a optional way of improve the grade. That site is called Khan Academy. Duolingo looks a lot like that site and let us improve our knowledge of some language. If you a teacher of languages, you could use this site as a way of improving the grade of the students. You can set a goal of reach some level of some language for your students before some deadline. The ones who achieve the goal, you may give extra points, and to the ones who didn't, you don't give anything. Each one can create its own account


Hi Francesca! Welcome and we hope you enjoy it. The exciting things about Duolingo for Schools is that it was made for educators just like you, who were using it with students but wished there was a way to track them all at once. We are working on it, building it with teachers and based on what we have learned about learning. On our Schools help page there is a pdf Guide for those who are just getting started. Take a look and we hope you come back to share what works with your class!


I would like play it during english lessons but however I have finished the tree


If I were in this situation, I think I would use it as an extra credit. You are able to monitor progress and you could quantify the amount of extra credit based on how many XP they get or how far they get in the program itself.

You could also make it a requirement in your class that everyone needs to put in 30 minutes a week into Duolingo. Just a thought.

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