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  5. "I'm seventy three years old."

"I'm seventy three years old."

Translation:Dw i'n saith deg tri oed.

February 2, 2016



What would this be in the vigesimal scale?

"Dw i'n tri ar ddeg a thrigain oed"? "Dw i'n tri oed ar ddeg a thrigain"? "Dw i'n tri ar ddeg oed a thrigain"?

(Cornish, for example, puts the noun after the first part of such a compound number: "tredhek bloodh ha tri ugens" - "thirteen years-of-age and three twenties"; "peswar carr warn ugens" = "four cars and twenty" = "24 cars".)


I don't recall being given a rule for the use of yn here?


Same here, I thought it was only before verbs.


Also nouns and adjectives, in which case it causes soft mutation.


Could somebody please explain when to use yn? I'm enjoying the course but I always trip up on things like whether to use "dw i" or "dw i'n"

Thanks :)

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