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There is no Duolingo app for windows phone 8 os

I recently discovered this site on a windows phone forum and was curious to see whether this would be as good as the person described it to be. I was blown away to see how everything is structured for a beginner like me and how fast I was learning my new language. The best part too is that it is free. The only problem is that there is the official duolingo app for both android and apple os but nothing for the windows phone. I understand that the windows phone doesn't get the attention from some developers as fast as the droid os and ios but I was just wondering if the app might ever come to windows phone store at all. Duolingo is an amazing language learning service and I would very much like to know if it will ever come to windows phone devices in the near future.

December 22, 2013



I am (personally) working on an unofficial app. I will port it to Windows Phone!


Please let me know if I can be of any help, I have previous experience with WP apps, and I'm eager to see a DL app released for the platform! :D


Thanks runem! Here's what I was thinking of doing, and what you may be able to do: use Duo's website as your backend, but have a script that transforms the site entirely to make it look like a mobile app/hook into an app... I know that this is an oversimplification, because I am trying to be general here.


Yea I was thinking something along the same lines, or to use the api calls that the current DL site uses. But I'm just worried what DL would think of that, I don't want to offend them in any way, I love DL too much! Have you had any feedback from them about an unofficial app?


They have no objections. They're not offering any help , but said that it's ok to do.


So are you actually working on this? I really wish I could help but I don't know much about app building? Could some people help with funding to maybe make this more worth while?


Oh, well, awesome!


Go to Twitter: #DuolingoForWindowsPhone @RudyHuyn @Duolingo


I love duolingo but the main reason I stopped using it was because I also use a Windows Phone and there is no app nor mobile site available that works with that platform. Guess I will check back in another couple of months...


I want too a windows phone app


I think that there are a lot programmers, like me:). And open API for duolingo will be very helpful. For example also very popular commercial project lingualeo.ru also have API http://lingualeo.ru/partnership/developers.


Thank you for the response. Keep up the good work.


Congrats on making this request in such a polite way.

Glad you've found duolingo and hope you stick around.


i don't understand why everybody is worried that there is no app for duolingo in wp. You can access the website and pin the duolingo home to start screen and it serves as good as the app...i am learning like that...and i don't feel any difficulty..


How do you peek on words?


Well..when i used to use windows phone 8, peek on words was working fine with UC browser..but now i am using wp8.1 and it is working very fine with IE11. I dont know if i missed any settings in UC, but it is working in IE11 now...


Thank You. Holding finger for a short time do the trick. But still, when I tap to the input field, browser automatically zooms to it and source texts disappears behind edge of the screen.


The website is awful for mobile. No responsiveness so it is all tiny. They could easily make the website like the apps.


There are no "other platforms," there are just three IOS (objective C), android (java), windows (c#). While these are three different languages and different ways, simple non graphic apps can be written quickly to run on all three platforms in javascript with programs like Cordova. Android is coming out soon with a way to run javascript in the VM (not just as a web app, IOS has different ways to do this, and I believe windows is way ahead in the software devt. environment (javascript, C#, visual basic, etc). Basically, this is not a complicated program; I believe Duolingo should be handling this. While 4% of users may use the App over Android/IOS, most users have PCs not a mac. Windows 8 has apps and all future windows devices will have apps, and most likely more touchscreen devices. Whether or not it is 4%, Microsoft is not going anywhere and I believe is worth the time to write the app (not to mention it is way easier in Visual Studio).


You just caused me to do some math.

World population: 7.234 billion people

Languages Duolingo helps learn.

German: 100 million speakers, or 1.38 percent of the population Dutch: 28 million speakers, or .38% of the population Danish: 5.6 million speakers, or .07% of the population Dutch: >3 million speakers, or .04% of the population

Maybe it's just me, but I'd think that the effort to support a language learning process on this site is more time consuming and costly than developing a simple app that gets all of its data feeds from content already completed for the website.

Yet, multiple language lessons supported on the site are spoken by percentages of people much smaller than the market share percentage of Windows Phone and, in most cases here, the actual number of Windows Phone users.

The market share excuse is no longer valid or relevant.


I just wanted to use it on my touchscreen XPS as a Windows 8 app. So it is not JUST windows phones that would profit from this. An app is way better than just using the website BTW.


Please republish the application on Windows Phone


What about the apps shown on windows store? Aren't they official? Previously I was using Android phone and found this app and really liked it. But now I have changed to wp and found many apps named DL on windows store. don't know which one to buy. Kindly suggest.


I would say don't buy any of them. The ones created by "DouLingo" appear to be essentially scams. Most have terrible reviews or none. They seem to not actually have anything to do with duolingo. I plan on reporting them. I would wait for an official.


if you install the PC application bluestacks, this application allows use Android applications on PC.


But it might be better to use the website instead of using bluestack on PC, isn't it? I am using bluestack for some apps but don't like it much. I don't have a touchscreen PC but the UI is for touch screens. anyways, thanx for the suggestion.


Yes, I forgot to tell you that variant.With pleasure


This application is not available on Windows Phone


I would also like the app on my Windows phone.


I too would love a windows phone 8 Duolingo app.


We need a windows phone app here! \o/


I would also like the app on my Windows phone.


I vote for #DuolingoForWindowsPhone as well.


Hurrah! Duolingo App is now available on windows. Just downloaded :)


Thanks so much guys for making the duolingo app for windows phone <3


Oh my goodness my life just got much better!! Thank you so much for the Duolingo app for the windows phone! Can hardly believe my eyeballs.


Yes we are waiting Duolingo for windows 8. Windows 8 phone or tablets.


Yes we are waiting Duolingo for Windows 8 phone or tablets

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