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FEATURE REQUEST: Bronze, Silver, Gold placards for language concentration success

A la angry birds, each language subject area could have different placards in the skill tree for the level of success you've achieved in each:

.... GOLD (All hearts attained)

.... SILVER (>80% of possible hearts attained)

.... BRONZE (<80% of possible hearts attained)

.... No placard (original color for incomplete)

Right now, GOLD is displayed if you've merely completed all the lessons.

January 15, 2013



This actually makes sense. The hearts have no real purpose outside lessons and practices; and can only be seen by the user.


I only want to know what lessons I've maxed out, but that would suit me, I guess.


I always keep repeating a lesson until I have all three hearts. I think it is almost impossible to keep three hearts the first time.


I'd bet Duolingo's algorithm is designed more for balanced learning over lessons that are open to you than obsessive, linear progression through them all. Sometimes helps to give each one a rest and come back later for mastery.

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