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  5. "Котра година?"

"Котра година?"

Translation:What time is it?

February 2, 2016



Me too. "Котра година?" (accent on the 'a' of 'котра' is also used in Western Ukraine and in the West. So we're lucky it's the same.


Shouldn't it be кóтра година?..


In Ukrainian there is no such letter as ó. They just use those accents to show where the stress is to beginners.

[deactivated user]

    I think @Menelion was referring to the stress placement: котра́ (as in audio) vs ко́тра.

    I believe ко́тра is the form from Western Ukrainian dialects, while котра́ was used elsewhere. Since the literary Ukrainian is based on the central Ukrainian dialects, it has котра́ (see the dictionary http://sum.in.ua/p/4/311/2 — the abbreviated notation «КОТРИЙ, а́, е́» stands for «котри́й, котра́, котре́»).


    I'm Ukrainian myself, so I know it :). I just asked if the stress in the audio is correct. The stress in Ukrainian is a very cumbersome thing: some words are stressed differently depending on the region, but for sure there is a literary norm.
    UPD: Thanks to @szeraja_zhaba! Have a lingot, your answer is very useful. Interesting though, here I hear ко́тра година most often)


    I will accept your decision to put the stress on the second syllable, and maybe people speak this way now, but for all the long years that I was listening to the radio in Ukrainian in central Ukraine never it was said котра́, only кóтра. So котра́ cut my ears immediately.


    Правильно не котрА, а кОтра година. Слідкуйте за наголосами


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