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"Dydy Môr y Canoldir ddim yn oer."

Translation:The Mediterranean Sea is not cold.

February 2, 2016



Should Mediterranean be accepted? As this is what most people say (as opposed to Mediterranean Sea)


Duolingo really likes literal translations - and if you translate this as "Mediterranean sea", you can see the link between môr and "sea". It's a course for learning Welsh after all, and allowing sentences that refer to the same concept while being only loose translations doesn't necessarily do much to help that.

I think it may also possible to refer to y Canoldir in Welsh alone as well, so whatever the translation, it's a good idea to have some indication that the word Môr is there.


It's accepted now.


I agree. Some translations which didn't modify the sense at all are counted as mistakes...


Where does the word Canoldir come from?


canol "centre, middle" (from Latin canālis ‘canal, channel, pipe’) + tir "land".

Compare Mediterranean from medius + terra. (In fact, Welsh tir and Latin terra may be related.)


Perfect answer, thanks! And yes I believe tir and terra are related.


I was hedging my bets because GPC does so -- the derivation from PIE *ters- (the ancestor of Latin terra) is marked with a question mark.


Wiktionary lists it as a derivative at least: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Proto-Indo-European/ters- (include final dash)

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That's fascinating. I never really thought of the derivation of mediterranean*. I also always assumed that the area around the sea was named after the sea. It would appear that in fact it is the other way around. :-)


I've always thought of the Latin name to be a simple adjective: "the sea that is in the middle of the earth" -- so, not necessarily named after some place called "Middle-Earth".

The Welsh, though, is more explicitly "The Sea of 'Mediterranea'" (GPC glosses that sense of canoldir as "the Mediterranean lands")

Interestingly enough, the same word can apparently also mean "the Midlands (of England)".

I suppose that means I have a Mediterranean father :)


I agree. Same goes for the Pacific and the Atlantic (we more often than not drop the "ocean" bit). I suppose with the Mediterranean, though, we do use the word for both the Sea and the land area surrounding the sea....... yet another example of spoken English being confusing!


Im confused about "dydy" what does that mean? I know "ydy" means 'is'...


This is explained in the course notes.

dydy/dyw are the negative forms of ydy/yw.

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