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"Wkładamy butelki do dużego pudełka."

Translation:We are putting the bottles into the big box.

February 2, 2016



We are placing the bottles into the large box


Is "the" really necessary for a correct answer?

"We are putting bottles into the big box" vs "We are putting the bottles into the big box."


Both should be accepted.


I just don't get very much the usage of preposition "do" here. Would "na" or "w" work as well?


You use "kłaść" + "na" + Locative or Accusative when you put something on a surface. Locative focuses on when it ends up, Accusative focuses on the movement of 'putting', the difference is so slight that we can safely say they're the same.

You use "wkładać" + "do" + Genitive when you put something inside something.

For rather rare example, I can perhaps imagine using "kłaść" + "w" + Locative if I let's say put a toy at the bottom of a box, so in a way it's both putting it on a surface, and inside something. It seems safer to just treat it as 'inside something; as above.

For "wkładać" + "w" + Accusative I can only imagine putting a box inside another, slightly bigger box and saying "wkładam pudełko w pudełko".


Okay, so I am going to stick with do haha. Thank you

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