"Wkładamy butelki do dużego pudełka."

Translation:We are putting the bottles into the big box.

February 2, 2016

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Is "the" really necessary for a correct answer?

"We are putting bottles into the big box" vs "We are putting the bottles into the big box."


Both should be accepted.


I just don't get very much the usage of preposition "do" here. Would "na" or "w" work as well?


You use "kłaść" + "na" + Locative or Accusative when you put something on a surface. Locative focuses on when it ends up, Accusative focuses on the movement of 'putting', the difference is so slight that we can safely say they're the same.

You use "wkładać" + "do" + Genitive when you put something inside something.

For rather rare example, I can perhaps imagine using "kłaść" + "w" + Locative if I let's say put a toy at the bottom of a box, so in a way it's both putting it on a surface, and inside something. It seems safer to just treat it as 'inside something; as above.

For "wkładać" + "w" + Accusative I can only imagine putting a box inside another, slightly bigger box and saying "wkładam pudełko w pudełko".


Okay, so I am going to stick with do haha. Thank you


Czy można mówić "tej butelki"?


you can use variants of "ten" when you really need to translate the=this.

But it needs to match gender, number and case of the noun. Here butelki are plural accusative not masculine personal so te butelki.

( In case you are wondering sometimes feminine single dative= plural nominative, and always plural not masculine personal nominative=accusative=vocative)

And of course if you did not know not masculine personal is a plural grammatical gender that includes all feminine, all neuter and masculine not personal nouns.


We are placing the bottles into the large box


"placing" also works, instead of "putting"


Yes, it does now.


"the bottles" or just "bottles", it's all the same for the Polish sentence. Both are accepted.


"In the big box?" Not acceptable? Does it need to be "into the big box" ??


"in" also works.


Into a big box rather than the big bo ? Why


Sorry, sent to early! Why does 'a box' not work


That should be accepted.


It works. If it doesn't work for you, please send a report or a screenshot next time, so we can investigate.

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