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Jede, Jeden, Jedes

does someone knows the difference between this 3 forms and when to use which one?

December 22, 2013



OMG! I cannot thank you enough. I had no idea what I was doing in that lesson and your link really cleared things up for me. Thanks a bunch!


No wonder I'm confused. Why do the endings differ? For example, for dative I expected -m/-r/-m/-n, which is true for solche and welche, but not jeder and manche (and why in the paragraph above the table is it jeder, manche, solche, welche, which seems to be a mix of nominative masculine and feminine)?


You use each of them depending on the gender of the noun and what case it's in. This page has a table with all the forms and some examples: http://goo.gl/BCAJbR


That page is in German :P


Sorry, I don't know how that happens. This should be in English.


And now it is gone.

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