February 2, 2016

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What are the different forms of this word used for? They are completely different spellings. Kolacja or obiad?


Please read tips and notes for food 1.

Vocabulary: obiad and kolacja

Obiad is the main meal of the day, usually eaten around midday (12AM to 4PM). It is usually translated as lunch (because of the time of the day when it is eaten), sometimes as dinner (since it is the main meal which is often eaten socially – with family members, in a restaurant etc.)

Kolacja is a medium-sized evening meal, usually eaten between 6PM and 9PM. Again, since the conventions for naming a meal of this kind in English vary, it can be translated in two ways: as dinner or supper.

If you eat dinner at evening - for you proper word for dinner is kolacja.


I hear that native Polish speakers pronounce ''obiaT'' instead of ''obiaD'' Is this true?



In the south-east it depends how the next word begins, but according to https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubezdźwięcznienie in Warsaw dialect, that is "standard Polish", they always change it.

In the linked article is also a list of consonants that change from voiced(first ones)- to voiceless ( second ones). This happens at the end of word, and after voiceless consonant.


lunch (American English)

dinner (British English)

obiad (Polish)

午饭or午餐or中午饭or中饭(Chinese, from 12 to 1 pm in South China)


dinner (American English)

supper (British English)

晚饭or晚餐 (Chinese, from 6pm to 8pm in South China)



yes, the meal from 12 to 1 pm would be obiad, the meal from 6 to 8 would be kolacja.

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