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  5. "Chłopiec je kanapkę."

"Chłopiec je kanapkę."

Translation:A boy is eating a sandwich.

February 2, 2016



A boy or The boy eats sandwich, should also be correct. In this case it need not be quantified with an article 'a' because it's not a continuous tense. It's simply stating a fact. The boy may eat or may be eating more than one.


He is eating one sandwich in the Polish sentence.


Hello, i think "boy eats a sandwich" should be ok


I think you need an article in front of 'boy' - either 'a boy' or 'the boy'.


Hi, why sentence "A boy eats sandwich" is not OK. It is the same if you say "A boy is eating sandwich"!


Both your sentences miss any article in front of "sandwich", you need either "a sandwich" or "the sandwich". Otherwise, both would be correct.


Just simply ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ learning polish not english its ok only bread not a bread but it has to be a sandwich there is no translation for a or an in polish simply senseless translation


Dude... you need to work on your punctuation. It's like a watching a waterfall of letters.

This is a language course, so we can't accept wrong grammar on purpuse, no matter whether it's the target language or not.


The boy = Ten chłopak, a boy = chłopak. And context doesn't exist in this case.


"the boy" = "chłopak", "a boy" = "chłopak", "this boy" = "ten chłopak". Translating "the boy" as "ten chłopak" is more of an interpretation than translation, but that's something that we allow. Not here of course, because the English sentence to translate starts with "A boy".

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