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  5. "I am going to play squash."

"I am going to play squash."

Translation:Dw i'n mynd i chwarae sboncen.

February 2, 2016



What's the difference between dw and rydw?


As I understand it, rydw is the form of the word in the standardised form of Welsh known as Cymraeg Byw. I believe it's not part of the traditional spoken language in any part of Wales, while dw is one of those forms used by native speakers.

So rydw is correct in writing and you'll hear it from learners while dw is arguably more authentic.


You'll here Rydw from lots of people, in fact you're more likely to here dw from a learner since they learn it first.


What sort of circumstances do you use Rydw under? I've heard my cousin use it before, and WJEC seems to use it interchangeably in 2nd language GCSE.


It's pretty much up to you. When typing I use "Dw" because I'm lazy but I use Rydw i when speaking. Rydw i is more formal since it is more traditional. Also when using the emphatic I always use "dw",and I've never heard rydw used in the emphatic.


Most people do use "dw" when speaking, I just like having the clear forms for the positive negative and interrogative.


Hmm, that's interesting, always assumed people would be more informal when speaking than typing, but it makes sense that rydw is used for more formal things. I've seen ydw used in the emphatic, now I've checked my old notes, but rydw definitely feels wrong there.

Thanks for the insight!


I know to use dw i'n to shorten rydw i'n but when am i supposed to use Dwi'n


No need to use it at all. Dwi is just a casual written form based on the pronunciation of Dw i.

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