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  5. "Ви чули грім?"

"Ви чули грім?"

Translation:Did you hear thunder?

February 2, 2016



Did you hear A thunder?


Have you heard A thunder? - не прийняло!

http://context.reverso.net/ I can distinguish a cannon from a thunder. = [Я можу відрізнити гармату від грому.] - чому тут "a thunder"? I thought I heard thunder last night. = [Я думав я чув грім учора увечері.] - а тут артіклю немає.


'A thunder' is grammatically incorrect. Thunder is a mass noun, similar to rain or water, and cannot be counted, hence we don't use the singular 'a thunder'. You can have an instance of thunder or a blast of thunder if you want to refer to a singular event.

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