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  5. "Nå begynner det å bli moro."

" begynner det å bli moro."

Translation:Now it is starting to get fun.

February 2, 2016



What about: "Now the fun begins"?


That's a rather figurative translation, but I'll add it.


Actually, you figure out that you really speak norwegian fluently when you can clearly pronounce this sentence this way... In a blink of an eye! :(


Hva mener du? Dette kurset har altid vært morsomt!


How many different ways are there to say fun in Norwegian?


Moro, morsom, gøy, gøyal, skøy, artig, fornøyelig... :)

Surely, you can't blame us for having too much fun!


Oh thank you! Wow yeah I can't :D but are they pretty interchangeable? or if not, is there a way to know when to use which?


"Moro" and "gøy" both do double duty as nouns and adjectives. "Skøy" is a noun, while all the others are strictly adjectives.

The most common adjective is "morsom", but certain dialects have a strong preference for other variants. I live in central Norway, and here everything fun is "artig". Personally, I enjoy a bit of variety.

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