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  5. "I believe in my father."

"I believe in my father."

Translation:Io credo in mio padre.

January 15, 2013



I think "Io credo NEL mio padre" is wrong, since "nel" is "in+il" and you don't say "il mio padre", but rather "mio padre". Right?


I wonder the same. But I guess every language has a ton of exceptional cases which you can't quite understand until you start living among a people speakong that language.


I tried with "NEL mio" and got it right. I guess that's grammatically right, yet better to say "in mio" in real life, maybe because the Italians are used to it.


Actually, "io credo in mio padre" is like: "i believe in what is able to do", while "io credo a mio padre" is like "i believe in what he tells me".


I wrote a mio padre and it was wrong :(


Why 'mio padre' not il mio padre'?


From what I understand for close relatives, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, etc. do not include the article in the possessive form. See if this helps: http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare124a.htm


"believe in" is kinda ambiguous in english.
does the italian "credo in mio padre" mean "i believe that there exists some entity which is my father"
or "i have confidence in my father's abilities or integrity or whatever" or "i believe the thing my father said to be true"

??? this is confusing me, cause they are all renderings of the phrase, and they feel rather idiomatic. does this mean all of them? is this a shared idiom?


Look up "believe in" in wordreference.com


grande risorsa

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