The Dutch course is nearing completion :)

Those of you who are incubator regulars couldnt have notiiced that the Dutch course is progressing rapidly, probably even more so than the Russian - they have progressed like 10% for the past two-three days alone? I don't know, but in any case it's super fast. :)

From the Russian course we know that localisation and final non-translation work takes about half a week, so it's very probable that we'll have the second user-made course by the first week of January (mind that everyone wants to rest around new year).

I hope the steady appearance of new courses will continue and the team will add more and more news courses to the incubator. What are your bets, which courses will get added next?

December 22, 2013


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Not sure what the rest are up to today, but I almost see us finishing all words by the end of of the day =)

December 22, 2013

I second that ;)

Done! =) We just finished up the last remaining sentences!

Good job! :) So the remaining one percent is the Duo staff's job?

No there are still a few strings left to do for the incubator interface, but those were left for last as we can't test how they'll end up on the site.

Gefeliciteerd! Goed werk :)

is it already available the dutch course?

Congratulations! :)

Jullie zijn echt heel snel. Goed werk allemaal!

Congratulations and thank you to the transalation team.

That would make me so happy!

Edit: I am so Happy!

wow, thank you :)

Nice to know that our Dutch-speaking users will have an English course. In the future, I'd like to see the reverse (I think that more Germanic languages would help Duo).

Absolutely! I would love to learn Danish here on Duolingo. For the people who want to learn Dutch here on Duolingo in the future; there is at least one Dutchman here who is very eager to help. :-)

me three

I wanted to get involved with the incubator, but I guess I didn't do my best in filling in my motivation...

I would love to learn Danish. As well as Russian, Romanian, Dutch, and Swedish.

Feeling ambitious? :) Good luck with them.

They said when the Russian-English is released that, since the sentences that they have to translate are more or less the same ones, it will take less time to do the reverse, so I think that, as soon as it is possible to do courses from English to other languages, both Russian and Dutch for English speakers might arrive soon.

Ik wil graag nederlands leren (Ik spreek engels)

And it goes without saying, many, many thanks to the team's efforts. Huge achievement, and I hope this and the Russian update are the tip of the iceberg. Cannot congratulate enough!

Great job! I'm also a native Dutch speaker (from Belgium) so maybe I can help test it. I'm looking forward to the incubator opening up to the reversed courses (hopefully soon??). I'd be happy to help contribute to the English->Dutch course since my wife is learning Dutch and it could be a very useful tool for her.

Yes!, that'd be nice. I'm going abroad on an erasmus next year to Belgium, and i've been searching everywhere in order to find a dutch course, but it is quite hard... So if would develope within his summer that'd be great! Keep on that good work!

when is the dutch course available?

I'll tell you this much is sure; if Dutch was introduced to the Incubator at the same time with Russian, it would be Dutch being released last week. :)

We were pretty proud of how fast we were moving through the course. But when the Dutch moderators came online, we were completely blown away by their capacity to perform work!

Polish for English speakers should get started soon. Swedish and Finnish would be cool to have on here. Finnish is an underused language and it would be good if it can get some appreciation.

how do you see the incubator i link would be nice :P

So for us plods that want English to Dutch, any idea how long the wait is, assuming that we get the "...for English speakers" option (which if we don't, I'll be quite annoyed) as one of our gifts? My girlfriend is Dutch see, and it kind of sucks not being able to speak to all those awesome people...

I'm not sure what the wait will be and we haven't heard anything about that yet. I guess we could see how long it takes for the English to Russian course to begin after the Russian to English course was released. However long that takes might be how long it'll be before we start on our reverse course.

Actually, since Russian will need some extra lessons to learn the alphabet, I'm guessing (and hoping) that the reverse Dutch course would be easier to implement. Anyway, I guess we have to be patient a little longer. Thanks for all your efforts already!

You could always start with Dutch to English in the meanwhile, as soon as it's in beta, I mean. I'm doing the same with Russian to English. It's pretty hard, even though I had 4 years of Russian in school, but I like the challenge (and the practise). Also you're lucky that you have a native speaker at hand - don't you think she'd be willing help you?

Your guys's progress is just astounding!

I am so excited! Even though it's actually just ENGLISH from Dutch, I honestly just can't wait. As you can see, my German's going well, so I look forward to adding the next Germanic language to my list!

dutch course is now in Beta!! ^__^

I've been looking for the Dutch course, but I can't seem to find anything on the main site or in the incubator. Does anybody have an update on the status of the course? My wife and daughter have been looking for it. If you need help I'm more than happy to contribute. I've been in the US for about 14 years now but because of frequent visits and calls from my mom my Dutch language skills are still in perfect shape!

The Dutch -> English course has been available in beta for quite a while already. It is meant for people speaking Dutch that want to learn English. To access it you have to change your language in the settings (a bit cumbersome but they said they will improve that in the future).

There are also plans for the reverse course (English->Dutch) but for that they are waiting for a tool to facilitate building the "reverse" courses. The tool should be coming soon so I guess the English->Dutch course will also be available fairly soon as well (they will be able to reuse a lot of the first course).

In the meantime, your wife and daughter might be able to try the Dutch->English course, especially if they already know some basic Dutch. My Chinese wife is also doing that.

^ what stwel says ^^

It's true that we'll start building the reverse course (very) soon. Looking at things this will probably be just after the Dutch --> English course is out of beta (and we're getting near to the point of graduating) :)

Ohhh I am anxious about the Dutch course... Once it's in I'll start using Dualingo

good to hear this I wonder when are those languages will be available to learn to english speakers?

Well done all of you. As a native Dutchman who has lived in English speaking countries for a long time I look forward to testing the English for Dutch speakers as soon as it turns to beta!

Its awesome and its more awesome that more languages will come :D Very nice work Dutch team! Respect

[deactivated user]

    Will that be the Dutch from English? Or English from Dutch?

    English for Dutch speakers. We hope to start Dutch for English speakers as soon as possible, but it'll depend on when it gets added to the incubator!

    [deactivated user]

      Good to know. I'm excited for the Dutch from English!

      Where do you get this information??

      hach, it is only the English course from dutch :( I was already cheering!

      Goed bezig! Ik ben benieuwd wat jullie ervan gemaakt hebben. Het zal vast wel goed zijn :o)

      Good going! I'm really curious to see of what you have accomplished. It probably will be good. :o)

      Any ETA on this :) ?

      Thanks for all your efforts though, can't wait to see it in beta :)

      Hello, I am interested in the Dutch course, what's the score? is it almost done? looking forward :)

      I would like to follow the Dutch course for English speakers, checking it now and then within these 6 months. Hope to see it soon.

      This thread concerns our previous course: English for Dutch speakers.

      We did actually progress loads and have now almost succesfully built two courses.

      Thanks, Lavinae. Because recently Dutch is the only language interesting to me. No offence.

      We all have different interests, which one can't really take as being offensive.

      Anytime! So no worries. We have not been at 99% since January. (;

      I was referring my previous comment. I do appreciate your contributions on this course. Just being so eager to see it soon. Goedenacht! Tot ziens!

      When the heck will this be put out?

      We zijn zeer blij dat Nederlands ook weldra zal beschikbaar zijn!

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