"Eu corro."

Translation:I run.

December 22, 2013



Please make it pronounce words better.


I couldn't understand it either not even at turtle speed


Sounds OK now


This works with google if I'm not wrong, this is the best that it can do.


I think Google could do a better job if they really wanted to. It's just a question of where the resources are being prioritized. There are also other text-to-speech solutions out there, and DuoLingo could choose to use them. Or they could choose to use an actual voice. Again it's a question of priorities and resources.

I personally would love to have a choice of actual voices. I'd be willing to volunteer my time to record my voice doing English, if it would help in any of the English courses, because I love DuoLingo and feel grateful for it and would want to give back.

Also, look at the other languages. It's proof that they can do better. The Spanish and German courses have excellent pronunciation with only sporadic glitches. Even Russian, which is in Beta, seems to do better than this.


Impossible to hear what she says


Sounds OK now


Not at all clear. Does not sound like "corro" at all!


Are all double R's (rr) in Portuguese pronounced like an "h" sound?


Oh, you should have a look at www.forvo.com

that's exactly what you are looking for!


Memory trick: This verb originally comes from the same Latin root as the English word "courier", so I imagine a courier running back and forth doing work while saying "Eu corro!".


is it supposed to be pronounced like it is in spanish?


No, like ClotildeJimenez said, double R's are pronounced like the "h" sound

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