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  5. "Rwyt ti eisiau bwyta pasta."

"Rwyt ti eisiau bwyta pasta."

Translation:You want to eat pasta.

February 3, 2016



Is there any difference between "Rwyt ti" and "Wyt ti"?


In essence, they are the same, depending on if it is used as a question or in the negative.

Rwyt ti = You are.

Wyt ti = You are?/Are you?

Dwyt ti (ddim) = You are not.

It was also discussed here, where you can find a little more detail: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13264421


I appreciate the reply. I am confused now because I remember seeing "Dw i ddim yn...." used in previous lessons instead of the negative "Dydw i ddim yn..." which other sites say is correct.



I believe this a matter of written v. spoken.

'Dydw i ddim' is a longer more formal 'dw i ddim'. You would probably use the first in written and the second whilst speaking.

Or many get along fine just using 'dw i ddim.'

Hope that's helpful?


That was helpful, diolch. Rydw i'n hoffi dysgu Cymraeg. =-)

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