"To jest książka."

Translation:This is a book.

February 3, 2016

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I'm a bit confused. Shouldn't it be in Instrumental case after "To jest..."?


Nominative is used as a complement of the identifying phrase to jest/są - that is/those are: To jest nowe muzeum. That is a new museum-Nom. To są moje okulary. Those are my eyeglasses.


"TO" (It) is a subject and it takes the nominative (just like English
predicate nominative which refers back to the subject, it = book)

To IDENTIFY "It"- a thing (encyclopedia, entry) - nominative:
It is a book - TO jest książka/ TO (jest) książka (nominative)

To DEFINE the thing "it" (encyclopedia, definition) - instrumental:
(The thing) "It" IS a book - Ta rzecz JEST książką (instrumental)


It's like German : Das ist + nominative, To jest + nominative


Is it incorrect to say "This is a book"?


No, that's a perfectly fine answer, it should have been accepted.


The pronunciation is a bit tricky for me here. It sounds as though the "ks" at the start of the word "książka" is pronounced like the English "ch". Is that correct?


You mean "ch" as in, for example, "each"? No, that's the 'cz' sound.

The first two sounds of this word are "k" and "si" (=ś, palatalized s). I rather wouldn't think of them as a compound.


What is the pronunciation of "ż" in this word?

It sounds to me like "sz" in this audio.


It's indeed devoiced to [sz], because it's followed by a voiceless consonant.


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    I really dont know about rules in polish since i dont know anything about polish but whats the differece between książkę and książka? Is the gender or something???


    Książkę is the accusative (direct object) form of książka. So when the book is doing something (sitting on the table, say), then it's książka. When someone's doing something to the book (like, I don't know, reading it maybe), it's książkę.


    I translated this as It is the book, which was not accepted. What would the better phrase be for "It is the book." I thought it could be translated as either "a" or "the."


    Oversight, added.


    Just putting this here for someone to see. A lesson on the app asked me to translate "it is a book" before teaching me what the word for "book" was. None of the words were underlined so I could not tap to learn it that way. I understand the browser version may have had it in the tips & notes, so again, it would be nice if that was added to the app at some point.


    It would be very nice to add the Tips&Notes to the app, but unfortunately it seems that the staff decided otherwise, at least for the current format for most courses (some more important languages, like Spanish, have a new format of Tips that is also present in the app).

    Regardless of that, the hints can be checked for absolutely any word, including those words that you've seen hundreds of times. It seems like a bug if "książka" wasn't highlighted for you, but it doesn't need to be highlighted, you can check the meaning anyway.

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