"This is a great opportunity."

Translation:To wspaniała okazja.

February 3, 2016

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to jest wielka szansa


The two suggestions I get for "great" are cudowna i wspaniała, but the meaning of both words is "wonderful". Shouldn't the english translation be modified?


With such words, it's hard to find direct equivalents. I think the translation is ok, and most importantly, both sentences sound natural in their respective languages.


Earlier in the course there have been sentences that translated "wspaniały" as "great".

For example, if I remember correctly, one was "Ten chłopak i ta dziewczyna to wspaniała para", which we learned meant "This boy and this girl are a great couple."


Just a few moments ago I translated this sentence from the Polish and wrote 'It was a great occasion'. Duo rejected this . I reckoned I should have used 'wonderful.-bur here 'great ' is used by Duo, except that Duo is putting opportunity instead of occasion. What is the difference between 'a great opportunity' and 'a great occasion' (supposing 'great' is not considered a slang word any more?


Yeah, I don't think it is. Well, "It was a great occasion" should have worked. "wonderful" and "opportunity" as well. I don't suppose you need explaining the difference in English ;) Both "occasion" and "opportunity" translate to "okazja". "opportunity" could also be "szansa", possibly "możliwość".

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