"I am not wearing a shirt."

Translation:Nie noszę koszuli.

February 3, 2016



I'm glad to see this in this exercise the Duolingo authors are taking it one step at a time, introducing only the fem. sing. genitive, so avoiding even more confusion. Hopefully the next lesson will take one of the other genders only. A lot of people are learning by example only, I presume.

February 3, 2016


Yeah, I don't really know any of the grammatical terms and every time I try to wrap my head around them I get confused and lost, so I basically have to learn all this through example and example alone.

July 13, 2016


I think one should do first examples, repeat, repeat, and then look at the grammar, after all is that not how you learned your main language as a child ? Never give up !

April 20, 2017


So in negated sentence you can't use the Instrumental case. Am I right?

February 4, 2016


No you are not right.

wear /nosić needs accusative so it changes to genitive

in negative sentence accusative always changes to genitive unless it is after preposition. all other cases stay the same. ( so instrumental stays the same)

February 4, 2016


How is "Nie jestem noszę koszuli" not accepted?

October 19, 2016


because it does not make any sense. In English "am wearing" is just a form of "to wear", which translates to "noszę".

October 19, 2016


It would be like saying, "I am I wear a shirt" but negated.

October 26, 2016


"Nie noszę koszuli" translates to "I don't wear a shirt". "Nie mam na sobie koszuli" translates to "I am not wearing a shirt".

September 1, 2017


Yeah... unfortunately 'mieć na sobie' wasn't introduced in this course at all.

I changed the main English answer to the correct one.

September 2, 2017
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