"The lamp is on top of the table."

Translation:La lampada sta sopra il tavolo.

January 15, 2013

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Is "La lampada È sopra il tavolo" correct? I have a feeling it isn't...


You are right, "La lampada è sopra il/al tavolo" is correct. In fact, I think your translation sounds better than the suggested one!


Sí. Using "sta" implies that the lamp "stays" or "feels" on "top of the table."


"stays" or "feels"? What? xDD Can't quite understand the usage of Stare


Maybe it's like "rests". The lamp rests on the table.


That's good, except that English would use the present continuous 'is resting' rather than the simple present tense.


Thanks, that explains it. According the link you supplied: "Essere is used to indicate more permanent aspects of people or things" "Stare is used to indicate precise locations, in idioms and as auxiliary" So sta is describing a precise for the lamp.


If it is the same as in Portuguese, sta would be better. 'A lâmpada está sobre a mesa', and not 'a lâmpada é sobre a mesa'. But idk since dl almost always use è in every situation, and only now they are starting to show us the verb stare


is "Sta" a contraction , can somebody explain the use of this word?


I have a feeling like we've been using the verbs essere and stare all wrong from the start and dl just didn't teach us right. Why only now they start using stare in moments that were previously used with essere, it just made me confused, cause I thought it was always essere back then, and that it was used just like the verb to be in English. But now I'm starting to feel like it is used just like in Portuguese (i am a native speaker) or Spanish for example, with a huge difference between essere and stare. (In portuguese ser e estar). Could someone pls help me out with this


... è sul tavolo also works


I have never used "stare" to mean "to be"


I'm well, Io sto bene.


For those who may be interested, "in cima a" also works for "on top of".


In cima alla montagna va bene, ma non in cima al tavolo!


is 'sta' not 'he/she says' or? Can someone explain the use here please!


A couple of questions back we had "sopra al letto". Now we have "sopra il tavolo". Is the inclusion of "a" optional?


I entered La lampada è sopra il tavolo and it was marked as incorrect. Help?


In italiano va bene. Puoi tranquillamente dire che "la lampada é sopra il tavolo".


Why not lampa and is la tavola correct?


Idk about lampa, but la tavola would also be correct, though the meaning would be slightly different (and a bit strange) as tavola is a table that has been set for dinner.


Hurray, La lampada sta sul tavolo works! So sta because this lamp is just there right now not permanently.


The lamp feels on top of the table.


What about è oltre a tavolo?


"La lampada sta sul tavolo" works as well :)


La lampada è sul tavolo was accepted for me. Duo suggested ....sta sopra il tavolo as an alternative.


DL accepted my "La lampada é sul tavolo".


the first phrase in this exercise is La luce è sopra il tavolo. DL uses "è". So why not here. Also I believe "sopra" means "above" rather than on. So if you put this phrase into a translator it will say "la lampada è sul tavolo"


La lampada è sul tavolo, La lampada è sopra il tavolo, La lampada è sopra al tavolo, La lampada si trova sul tavolo. Al di fuori dell'esercizio, tutte le frasi vanno bene. Dire sopra AL o sopra IL è quasi identico, sono accettabili entrambi.


When a lamp is on "top of the table" it is in fact on the table the same way a plate would be on the table.....unless it is attached to the wall behind or suspended from the ceiling. This is another example to ensure we get three wrong, so we must repeat the exercise.


'...è in cima al tavolo' on top of the table

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