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  5. "I like coffee."

"I like coffee."

Translation:Dw i'n hoffi coffi.

February 3, 2016



When is "licio" introduced in this course? I happened to know it from another source, but so far I haven't seen it at all yet here. It doesn't seem fair to require knowledge of untaught words in multiple-choice questions.


Question: Is the form "i'n" compulsory? I tried "dw i yn" and it was marked as incorrect.


Dw i'n is just a shortening of dw i yn, but nobody ever says "Dw i yn" so whether or not it should be accepted is up for debate, as this course is supposed to teach colloquial Welsh.


I love how this sounds!


1 Dwi'n hoffi coffi. 2. Rydw i'n licio coffi. 3. Dwi'n licio coffi.

It gives all the above options as correct. "Rydw i'n" is new to me.

Also shouldn't "Dwi'n" be "Dw i'n". ?


"Dwi" is a variant of "dw i" used mostly by younger people. "Rydw i'n" is the traditional form that is more likely to be used if you were in a formal situation.


Diolch Ellis. I tried using "dwi'n" myself and it gave me an 'almost correct' :-)


There's also "Rw i" and "Rwy" - "Rw i'n hoffi", "Rwy'n hoffi".

There's also the literary form "Yr wyf" - "Yr wyf yn hoffi".

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I don't like very much coffee but I love as sounds this sentence in Welsh!!


I don't recall seeing "i'n" before this. What's the difference between "i" and "i'n"?


This is explained with examples in the course notes.

In summary, ’n/yn is needed to make the link between the verb dw i, etc (I am, etc) and the verb-noun such as hoffi (liking, to like).


Licio is the northern Welsh word for "to like". It is a borrowing from English.


No, it's a borrowing from Anglo-Saxon/Old English, which is not the same as English. The relationship between OE and English isn't comparable to, say, Old Welsh and Welsh.


Verb ''to like''.


In this lesson Coffi has been pronounced 'coffee' and something closer to 'cor-feh'. Are they interchangeable or is there a contextual difference I have not spotted?


It should only be pronounced like "coffee"

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