Can't access some language forums

I'm using Firefox on a desktop, as I have always done.

I can't access the German forums at and . I could do so until about 24 hours ago, but now the background image and navigation bar will load but the actual forum doesn't -- there is not even the white area, so I look straight at the colorful landscape background image. This does not happen with any other forums I've tried.

I'm not sure where to start with troubleshooting. Help?

December 22, 2013


Where did you get those URLs for the German forums? They are not the correct ones. The correct one is:

December 24, 2013

I'm looking for the ones for German people learning English, rather than the other way around. The URLs are posted in discussions from time to time.

I've found that if I go to the page by typing it in my URL bar or by clicking a link like the ones in my post above, it comes up blank as I described, but if I click a link to it in the discussion forums sidebar (which I have to create by editing the HTML source for the page) then it works.

December 24, 2013

solution: type the url without the ending forward slash ( / )

for me ... it always works like the following [ I'm using firefox ( German Version 26.0 ) ]

case ( 1 ) ... with the ending ( forward slash / )

a) ( typing it in the URL bar ) ... it leads to the landscape background image

b) ( clicking a link in the text ( like above ) ) ... it doesn't do anything ... only the url in the adress bar has changed
... then do reloading ... it changes as in ( 1. a )

case ( 2 ) ... without the ( forward slash / ) at the end of the url

a) ( typing it in the URL bar ( without the / at the end ) ) ... ... it leads to the forum for German people learning English

b) ( clicking a link in the text ( without the / at the end ) ) ... same as in "( a )"

c) ( copying the link out of the text into the clipboard ... and then in the adress bar )
... same as ( 1.a ) and ( 1.b )
because firefox always adds at the end a forward-slash ( / ) what causes this "malfunction"


the forward-slash ( / ) at the end causes this "malfunction"

edit: ... the ending forward slash ( / ) is not really a malfunction or an error ... the trailing slash means it is a directory ... without the slash it is a file
for more information see:

December 25, 2013

That works! Thanks so much for the comprehensive explanation.

December 25, 2013
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