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Words with 'r

Shwmae, bawb!

The course has been out a week and at the time of writing the course has attracted 14,300 learners! This is absolutely amazing! Keep up the excellent progress :D

We've been getting a lot of suggestions that words with 'r (such as daflu'r, hoffi'r etc.) don't have hints. I can assure you that in the Incubator they have hints: I believe the problem stems from the fact that as 'r is attached to a vowel, Duolingo would give the hint as something like "throwthe" or "likethe", which it can't. So instead of doing that, it just doesn't show it.

I've raised this with the Team and hopefully it shall be fixed. In the meantime, can you comment below on examples of words, sentences, and units where this type of bug is happening?

Diolch :D

February 3, 2016


[deactivated user]

    O! Do'n i ddim yn si┼Ár os oedden nhw wedi awgrymau. Diolch :)


    It was happening in PastTense1 all the time. Pretty much for all of the 'r words - which made it bet confusing for me, learning with no prior knowledge!


    You said "it was happening"... does that mean it's now not? I think the issue has been resolved :)

    [deactivated user]

      Still a problem on 13/02/2016


      Still an issue, just reported it for one, and noticed it on another ("Dych chi wedi golchi'r llawr?") which brought me to this thread through the "Discuss Sentence" link. 19 Feb 2016.


      Still happening in Past Tense 1 as of 2016/2/23


      Still a problem as of 07/Mar/2016.

      You'd think that the course creators could just instruct the system to translate "golchi'r" as "clean the" or "cleaning the" with a space and that would be the end of it.

      As I recall, the system suddenly refused to recognise the Welsh definite artical right when the course was ready to launch, so it sounds like the system itself needs an overhaul.

      Perhaps they can solve this glitch and the many problems with teaching non-Latin scripts with DuoLingo 2.0, that's what it'll take, I think.

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