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Translation:A teacher

February 3, 2016



if "Teacher" is right (alongside "Female teacher") why is "A teacher" wrong? PS It's mildly annoying to get a red banner saying read the comments when there aren't any. I'm not whingeing just trying a) to learn and b) to be helpful. :)


You can report that as an alternate translation. Can you access the Tips and Notes here if you scroll down at this page on your browser? https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Work That red banner is standard to all the comment pages just to remind people to stick to discussing the sentence as we do have children on this site. Many comments will soon appear. Here is a useful grammar page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_syntax


Commenting here but really back a few spaces. I put 'teacher' here and got it right, but when I was asked to translate 'teacher' a few stages earlier and I put 'athrawes' (just to be awkward? But why is that awkward?) I got a red line and was told it should be 'athro'.


athro and athrawes are generally interchangeable unless there is some to indicate that only one or the other can be used.

If you raise your query from the sentence where you found the problem, we can either fix it very quickly or explain why it should not be changed in that particular case.


The weird thing is that that particular sentence (or rather, word) doesn't have a 'discuss sentence' button. There's a 'report problem', but it only gives one option, that the pictures don't match the content. It's question 12 of exercise 1 in 'Work'

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I've edited the pictures, well Duolingo has now given us a better group of pictures to use with the word teacher.

Although only one of them is a female teacher, but at least they are teachers. Hopefully this will help.

There's probably no discuss option because this is a picture question and Duolingo doesn't consider the words taught in its usual way.

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Either 'athro' or 'athrawes' should work for any translation from 'teacher'.

If it doesn't it could either be an incorrect deleted sentence floating around in the database or something we've missed. If you either list it here or report it we'll fix it if we can.

Thanks for the comment.


why not "woman teacher"?


Because woman is a noun and not an adjective. You wouldn't say "man teacher", you'd say "male teacher".


Why no mention of male teacher? Just seems strange

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The word for a male teacher is 'athro'.

Athrawes is probably analogous to 'schoolmistress' in English while 'athro' would be the equivalent of 'schoolmaster'; although athro can also be used for 'professor'.

While many gendered nouns are disappearing in Welsh, as in English, both 'athro' and 'athrawes' are still commonly used.

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