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"Wo ist der Bus nach Frankfurt?"

Translation:Where is the bus to Frankfurt?

February 3, 2016



Could this be used rhetorically to express that the bus is taking a long time to show? Does that translate to German?


Der Bus nach Österreich ist spät (The bus to austria is late)? Other than that, I have no clue.


Yes, it could mean both the literal and the figurative things.


What is the use of "nach" here?


I just looked it up to find out for myself. It can be both 'to' and 'after', but there's lots more to it if you're still interested: https://yourdailygerman.com/2014/03/04/nach-meaning/


I had to take a minute to remember it's Der Bus instead of Das Bus. Damn you The Simpsons!


I didn't get the meaning of the sentence. What does it actually mean?


"Where is the bus to Frankfurt?" I'm picturing someone looking for a particular bus stop. Or maybe one of those large stations with many buses going to different locations, and someone is looking for the bus headed towards Frankfurt.


Common usage in english would be "where is the Frankfurt bus". This wasn't accepted.


REGARDING: "Wo ist der Bus nach Frankfurt?" The correct answer from Duo was " Where is the bus for Frankfurt?" I got my answer wrong when I answered, " Where is the bus to Frankfurt?" In another question asking for a translation of the dialogue : "Wo ist der Bus nach Frankfurt?" gives the translation below as : " Where is the bus to Frankfurt?" Is Duo confused?


I tried "towards Frankfurt" instead of "to Frankfurt" Shoulden't both be correct?


i thought nach was for "after ". can it be used for" to "as well?


My answer was the same as Duo's".Nach" in German means" to" in English regarding this sentence.

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