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"W lutym odwiedzam mojego dziadka."

Translation:In February I visit my grandfather.

February 3, 2016



Please, please incorporate the 'grandad' spelling to be correct. I cannot remember to compensate every single instance, at my time of life


Use the report button, and it'll get fixed.


Why do we use mojego instead of moj for mojego dziadka


https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/mojego shows that "mojego" applies to personal/animate masculine accusative singular , which is applicable to a grandfather.


Why is "I will visit" wrong?


I believe because "I will" is future tense and we are still in present tense.


That will be 'Będę odwiedzał', 'Będę odwiedzać' or 'Odwiedzę'


How come it is 'w lutym'? I thought w is followed by accusative when talking about a moment (like in w poniedzałek)


how come it's on Monday but in February?

In Polish days of the week are w + accusative, but months are w+ locative


I am still a bit confused about the ending in 'w lutym'. I thought that the ending -ym is for przymiotnik. If it followed the locative pattern for rzeczownik then why is it not 'w lucie'?


Why cant the english translation be - In February i visit my grandfather?


It can, it is accepted.

And as it's actually closer, I will make it the default translation.


Does it sound like odwiedzamy?


Sounds rather fine to me, although with this m-m part I can understand why you could wonder about it.


I dont understand why "I visit my grandfather on february" is wrong... and plus its hard to learn polish with this application if I know what its means but I do mistakes in english.... I want to learn polish....


Well, it's still a language teaching app, it can only accept correct English. Moreover, this course is also taken by many Polish people learning English, so it really can't accept "on February".


yes but what I want to say for me its difficult to learn Polish when I do fault in English... I mean I am not use the application to learn English but polish. so I cant understand why not "on February " but in others cases too its not help me much when I have first have to understand English to understand polish...


If we started to accept all possible prepositions, we wouldn't be able to tell the difference whether you made a mistake due to the lack of English proficiency or because you didn't understand the meaning of the Polish word.

I mean, you wouldn't take a Polish class in Japan and openly complain about the fact that you need to understand Japanese first in order to learn something, would you?


I make the mistake because I dont know why not "on February" and how it will be? yes cause of lack of english and its not the only one :/

about japan I dont understand your point :)


Ok, I'll try to explain it one more time. If we accept random prepositions, we won't be able to make sure that you actually understood the meaning of the Polish phrase. If you say "on February" we have no way of knowing whether you actually mean "in February". Maybe you actually meant "by February" or "before February". We don't know that, unless you provide us with a correct English sentence.

The second point I made was about you making a concious decision to join a course for English speakers. You shouldn't act surprised if we require a certain level of English proficiency.


I cant get the point of what you are saying or you dont try to understand it from my place sometimes its hard to learn if the application dont use your mother language... other times they use your mother language with a translation in there taste that make the same sens but not help to learn... anyway I just say my problem if you dont like it or you dont want to accept it or understand it sorry that I write in begining


Why is i visit my grandfather in February wrong?


It is not wrong, although I guess you might get a typo report for "i"; it should be "I".

If you have this problem again, a screenshot might be useful.

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