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  5. "Odpoczywam w moim pokoju."

"Odpoczywam w moim pokoju."

Translation:I am taking a rest in my room.

February 3, 2016



Would it be correct to say resting, rather than taking a rest?


There's no difference, IMO.


There is, number of words. Maybe not important to you, but i have arthritic fingers.


Can it also be I am relaxing in my room?


In real live these are pretty synonymous, so you could exchange them, but on Duolingo, you are learning the meaning of words by example and therefore a bit more literal translations are in order.

  • „Relaksuję się w moim pokoju” = 'I am relaxing in my room'.


Emwue's right, but some time ago we decided to become a bit more liberal with this word and add "relaxing" as well. But that is a bit different definitely.


I did it!

I made all the skills turn gold (Level 5).

Thank you to DuoLingo for creating the app, and thank you to all the moderators/native speakers who answered questions and replied to comments, but especially to Jellei.

Goodbye to the Polish course, and hello again to Hebrew, Greek, Spanish, French, German, and Czech.

Kocham sowę! Jellei jest wspaniały. Trzymajcie się. Teraz koniec dla mnie. Pa.


Haha, uwielbiam tę radość połączoną z ulgą :D


Gratulacje! Cieszę się, że mogłem pomóc :)


Not understanding why 'in my' is instrumental which I understand but why is room in locative?


both are in Locative. as usually when something happens "in" something.

adjective/pronoun has to have the same case, gender and number as the noun.

but mój has moim as both instrumental and locative.

hints in Polish course are like dictionary- show some possible options. (and AFAIK they stopped adding case hints so there could be some possible cases missing)


Would "I am taking a nap in my room" be ok?


No one said that a rest must be a nap. I guess the closest would be "Ucinam sobie drzemkę w swoim pokoju" or something similar.

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