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  5. "I do what I want."

"I do what I want."

Translation:Я роблю що я хочу.

February 3, 2016



I don't hear the second "я." So what's wrong: the printed translation or the audio?

[deactivated user]

    Indeed, the audio doesn't have «я».

    Both «Я роблю́, що я хо́чу» and «Я роблю́, що хо́чу» work here.

    When the main sentence and the subordinate sentence have the same subject (я роблю, я хочу), you can omit the subject in the subordinate sentence even in the most formal texts.

    (Note that this doesn't work for parenthetical phrases. In «Я ду́маю, я почита́ю кни́жку» 'I think, I'll read a book' «я думаю» is not really the main sentence: it's a parenthetical phrase. It doesn't really mean 'I hold a belief that I will read a book', it means 'maybe I'll read a book'. So, «Я думаю, почита́ю кни́жку» only sounds well in colloquial speech and certain contexts, but not everywhere.)


    Wrong recording. Disabled now, will re-record later.


    What's the difference between "Я роблю що я хочу" and Я роблю те, що я хочу"?

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