"Fydda i"

Translation:I will not be

February 3, 2016

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Doesn't this actually need a 'ddim' to be "I will not be" ? As it is it seems ambiguous. Something is clearly left out, but is it "fydda i ddim" or "mi fydda i" ?


Fydda i ddim would be the negative so this sentence is wrong. Mi fydda i is just a variant of the positive sentence


That's what I thought. So the given translation is incorrect, or more likely the course creators were trying to introduce "fydda i ddim"


Fyddai i doesn't make sense; either "Fydda i" (plus ddim) means "I won't/will not" or "Fyddai (e/hi) means "He/she would not" :)


Fydda i yno? - Will I be there? Fydda i'n canu? - Will I be singing?

Fydda i ddim yno - I will not be there. Fydda i ddim yn canu - I will not be singing.

Fydda i ddim wedi canu. - I will not have sung.

etc, etc.!


Yes, I took it to be "Will I?" but that was marked incorrect.


Sounds to me as if the accent falls on the A, and cannot really differentiate whether it is a F or a B that is pronounced at the start.... May be change the phrase and sound file altogether?

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