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How does one type Polish letters?

Salut, hola, privyet, ni how etc... Is there any shortcuts out there that I can use to type Polish characters? And if so, could I have them? I don't want to download the polish keyboard because I already have to memorize the Russian keyboard.

February 3, 2016



Actually, downloading the Polish keyboard would allow you to type in the way that is the easiest to remember.

The Polish (programmer) keyboard layout is the standard Polish layout. It's great, because the key layout is identical to a typical ASCII English keyboard (all punctation etc is in its normal place, and it's QWERTY too). In order to type a Polish letter, all you need to do is to hold the right alt key and press the corresponding letter without diacritic. For example: RightAlt + E is "ę".

The only exception is "ź" which uses X instead of Z (because the latter is already taken by "ż"). This should also be easy to remember, since it is right next to Z.

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That is genius! Dziękuję Vengir! ~ The Polish keyboard always appeared blank & know I know it's secrets! This may work for other languages to: I have yet to try Irish & Welsh. ~ :)


Dzękuję, I couldn't figure out how to type ź on my built in Polish keyboard! I would never have thought to try alt+x!


I always refer to settings and then I change the keyboard language... I don't install or buy anything.

Here are the Polish special letters, if you want to copy and paste:

Ęę, Óó, Ąą, Śś, Źź, Żż, Łł, Ćć, Ńń


Polish (progammer, not 214) is exactly like English one ;) There are just some bonus letters: Ą - A+AltGr Ć - C+AltGr Ę - E+AltGr Ł - L+AltGr Ń - N+AltGr Ó - O+AltGr Ś - S+AltGr Ź - X+AltGr Ż - Z+AltGr


Depends on what you mean by "English one" - Polish programmer's layout is based on US ANSI keyboard layout and that is what it's exactly like(with the added signs using AltGr combinations, of course). The keyboard layout used in UK is based on the ISO QWERTY standard on the other hand, so it does differ a bit from the Polish.


Okay, sorry, I mean basic letters + something ;) I'm not a keyboard expert :/


Pretty much, install the Polish keyboard. It's easy to do, just go to your control panel, Regions and Languages, hit the keyboard tab, and you can add a keyboard from any language. I have three installed (US English, Swedish, and Polish) and it is easy to change between them on the language bar (I am in Windows 7).

The normal method of using ALT codes (which I do in Swedish) by holding left ALT and typing a number on the keypad, does not seem to work in Polish, those characters aren't available this way.


ALT codes should work without problem. The issue here though is that remembering four-digit ALT codes for each Polish letter (small and big) is just unnecessary trouble.


Maybe ... although with my learning of Swedish, I basically have the ALT codes memorized. There are only four special characters in Swedish though (ä, ö, å, and é) ... Polish has more to remember.


>ä, ö, å, and é



Also, alt codes will not work (except for ó) ... those letters are simply not available in the standard Windows setup.


ć – 0230
ł – 0179
Ź – 0143
Ć – 0198
Ś – 0140
ś – 0156
Ł – 0163
Ą – 0165
ą – 0185
Ę – 0202
ę – 0234
ź – 0159
Ń – 0209
ń – 0241

I found them all in the character table with no problems (just switch to Central Europe table). Try them.


Thank you so much. I have the Polish keyboard, but when I put in Alt + s, I get some stupid thing from HP Support Information. :/ (Of course I have an HP Envy) Now I can type in the proper s, when not on duolingo. :)


Try finding a way to disable that shortcut. I remember years ago Polish people had a similar problem with ATI graphics driver when they tried to type the letter ć and that was generally the recommendation.


They are available by default if your Windows installation defaults to any Central European locale. Which in other words means that it should work in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Serbia*, Montenegro*, Kosovo, and Albania.

* assuming Latin alphabet

I think that you can also use alt-codes to get Polish letters in Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian locales, but the codes are different.


I have hungarian keyboard, so I don't know if this works with others too, but I have a technic for writing down these characters.

First I have to hold down ALT GR + 6 or 8 or 9 ; and then relase them, and press down the 'normal' character.

So for example if i hold down ALT GR + 6 and then relase it, and the next I press e it'll create an 'ę' character. Other example is after relasing ALT GR + 9 and then pressing 's' it'll end up being an 'ś'.

So the ALT GR + 9 will always add an ´ stuff to the word; the ALT GR + 8 will add an ˙ ; the ALT GR + 6 will add an ˛

It's not that hard to use and you can fastly get used to it.


It won't work for everybody. Not every keyboard has dead keys for diacritical marks.


I've just installed the Polish keyboard but realized - I don't have right ALT on my laptop. Is there any option to manage it somehow(with left ALT for example)?


You can use CTRL+ALT instead


Thank you! It works :)

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