"Bing" sound

I used to get a "bing" sound when I got it right, but for the last couple of days I don't get that anymore. Anyone else having the same problem? Thanks!

December 22, 2013


Go to settings and see if it's on. Also, this should be in the "Troubleshooting" section.

The sound effects setting is on. In fact all settings are on, except for the microphone. Any other idea? Didn't know there is a troubleshooting section; I imagine it's under Discussion. Thanks.

Yeah. To move to the troubleshooting section, just click "Edit" under your original message. Then, change the section to troubleshooting. Click save and you may find a better answer.

I lost the "bing" on my iphone when I had the phone on mute (the button on the side of the phone was engaged). Otherwise, check your settings as others have mentioned.

I can hear the rest, the computer is not on mute...

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