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Does anyone have a clever way of remembering the rules for the plural forms ?

2 years ago

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'En' nouns almost always end in "-r" sounds for the plural, while 'Ett' nouns end in '-n' sounds if they end in a vowel, or nothing if they end in a consonant.

'En' nouns ending in "-a" are "-or" in the plural: "Klocka" = "Klockor"

Otherwise, 'En' nouns take either "-ar" or "-er" in the plural. "Hund" = "Hundar"

The definite forms of any 'En' noun is just adding '-na' to the plural form. "Klockor" = "Klockorna" (The clocks)

'Ett' nouns ending in vowels are "-n" in the plural indefinite, and "-na" in the plural definite. "Äpple" = "Äpplen" (Apples), "Äpplena" (The apples)

'Ett' nouns ending in consonants don't change in the plural indefinite. In the plural definite they take "-en". "Barn" = "Barn" (Child, Children) "Barnen" (The children)

2 years ago