"Have you washed the floor?"

Translation:Dych chi wedi golchi'r llawr?

February 4, 2016

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I put "Dych chi wedi ymolchi'r llawr?"

Can someone tell me where I went wrong?


ymolchi is for when you wash yourself, golchi for when you wash something else.


Why "...golchi'R llawr" and not "...golchi llawr"? E.i what function does the apostrophe and r ('r) fulfil?


It's a contraction of yr which is the definite article "the".

The definite article can take the following forms:

  • 'r after a vowel (as here)
  • otherwise yr before a vowel
  • otherwise y


Ah, because of the "Tips Notes" from "Greeting 2" T though there were no articles in Cymraeg. Ok, there are definite articles (like "the" in English) but no indefinite articles. Thank you very much for responding! Diolch yn fawr! Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Antwort! Merci! Tusen takk! Благодфрю вас! Gracie! ☺


That's right :)

Those T+N say:

Cymraeg has no indefinite article (a / an).

But as you see, it does have a definite article (the) :)

In fact, just one definite article, as in English -- it does not change by gender (though Welsh has two genders) or number (singular/plural).

The only changes depend on the surrounding sounds, similar to the choice between a/an in English which is purely sound-based.


The 'r button has a very strange pronounciation. Why is this?


The voice is probably saying "apostrophe R" (in Welsh: collnod R).


Thanks, I now understand why it says collnod R, but I still find it very disconcerting when it appears in the middle of a sentence.


I have now raised a bug report about "collnod èr". Strange, but my little exchange with ibisc on the subject on another thread is not showing.

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