Translation:A jumper

February 4, 2016



For the Americans: a UK "jumper" is not a kind of apron or dress but a kind of pullover or sweater.


I agree: it should be made clear that jumper here does not mean someone who jumps, but what Americans call a "pullover" or "sweater". (I am American, and i was confused briefly.)


As an American I was completely unaware that "jumper" could mean a "sweater." I had to look it up in the dictionary. Although I am happy to now know a "new" word, may I suggest "siwmper" be identified as "jumper/sweater" or "jumper or sweater"?


Does 'Si' Not Make A 'Sh' Sound Before A 'W'?


"Si" does make a "sh" sound and "siwmper" is the phonetic Welsh spelling of the British English word "jumper". As Welsh doesn't have the "j" sound, it comes out as "shumper".

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