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"How beautiful are your eyes!"

Translation:Gözlerin ne kadar güzel!

2 years ago


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can't i say "senin gözlerin ne kadar güzel"? why is senin omitted in this case?

2 years ago


That would be also correct ,in some cases its just a personal preference to include pronouns.

2 years ago


When you say "gözlerin", "-in" there is already telling that its "your eyes". So you don't need an extra "senin" there.

You can still put it there but if you do it, you generally put it to stress "your" further.

For instance while "Gözlerin ne kadar güzel!" = ""How beautiful are your eyes!"" "Senin gözlerin ne kadar güzel" is more close to "how beatiful are your eyes (among others)" in meaning.

2 years ago


Gözlerin ne güzel? How would this be translated?

1 year ago