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  5. "Tedavi mümkün değil."

"Tedavi mümkün değil."

Translation:Treatment is not possible.

February 4, 2016



I hope I will never hear this sentence


I agree! But I've found myself in such a situation, and have lived to tell :-D : I once had a hairline fracture in a toe, which hurt a fair bit at first but was not debilitating. When the doctor explained to me what had happened, she said she couldn't do anything (tedavi mümkün değildi); I would have to wait until the bone healed. Actually, the same thing happened when I cracked a rib. (What's WRONG with me?, he asks in horror.)


why is it tedavi, not 'ı'?


I believe that's because it's an arabic word, and the i is a part of the word and not a suffix. But the Turkish experts will surely know better :)

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