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What are the names of the letters in Welsh?

I just came across "crys T" and the voice called it "crys tî", which I found unexpected - I would have expected "crys tê" (which is how I've heard the Cornish "krys T" pronounced).

What are the names of the various letters in Welsh?

Do they simply use English names "ei bî sî dî eff tsi..."? (Hopefully "dd" is not "dabwl dî"...)

February 4, 2016



Since asking the question, someone pointed me to the Wikipedia article on Welsh orthography (in the context of diacritics such as the to bach in "dŵr") - that article also has letter names: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_orthography#Letter_names_and_sound_values

a, bi, ec (= èc), èch, di, èdd, e, èf, èff, èg, èng, aets, i (S: i dot), je, el, èll, em, en, o, pi, ffi (= phi), er, rhi, ès, ti, èth, u (S: u bedul), w, ỳ.


There are some very good videos on youtube about the Welsh alphabet and pronunciation. I would definively recommend you watch them before getting too far into the Welsh course. As for dd, I am no expert but I think it is pronounced lik 'th' in English so pwdd would be pronounced as pooth, but it is likely to be a bit more complex than that!


The letter èdd ('dd') is as the 'th' in the. The letter èth ('th') is as the 'th' in three.

This might help: https://cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yr_wyddor_Gymraeg The column headings from left to right are: Letter; Name of the letter; Corresponding sound (IPA phonetics)

'i' is often called 'î-dot' to distinguish it from 'u' ('û-bedol' or 'û-cwpan') as otherwise the names would sound the same.


I know how dd is pronounced but I wasn't sure what it's called (e.g. when you want to spell a placename).


"Dwbl duh" with a short "u" in the middle is probably acceptable but just as the normal dd sound is how I say it when I do the alphabet. My alphabet would be some thing like this. Ah, buh, cuh, Ch (as a usual CH sound in welsh), duh, dd, eh, F etc with the letter just being named by what sound they make.


Thanks! The Wikipedia article I found also talks about this method.


Yeah that method is good because it teaches you pronunciation too.

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