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Wat is "landmark" in Nederlands?

February 4, 2016

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Google gives a number of possible translations, depending on what exactly you mean. Wikipedia links to Oriëntatiepunt (which Google omits).
Personally I would go for herkenningspunt. The words 'historical landmark' don't really have a good direct translation, I would use monument.

mijlpaal: milestone, landmark, mile post, guide mark
herkenningspunt: landmark
baken: beacon, landmark, seamark
herkenningsteken: landmark
bekend punt: landmark
grenspaal: landmark, barrier, pale, guide mark

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By the way, you omitted the het in your question: "Wat is 'landmark' in het Nederlands?"

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Google gives as a first reply: mijlpaal. That is not the first translation that I would think of. So "Google it" is not the right answer here.


And yet mijlpaal is one of the definitions that www.vandale.nl gives for landmark. A landmark is in essence a feature in the landscape that helps people determine their location, which is the function a mijlpaal has.

Sure it depends a lot on context on what is meant, though the question is what does that translate to.

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The first function of a milestone/mijlpaal is to determine the distance along the road.


Exactly, which gives someone information on their location.


Mijlpaal doesn't refer to a physical landmark.

You could think of a landmark victory, a defining victory. In that case you can say that victory was a "mijlpaal".

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Very true. Context is everything. That's why Google is not the best way to get translation advise.

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