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  5. "Ffermwr dw i."

"Ffermwr dw i."

Translation:I'm a farmer.

February 4, 2016



Is there any difference between Ff and F? F sounds more like a V, while Ff sounds more like a D.


ff makes the /f/ sound and f makes the /v/ sound.


I find the easiest way to understand the difference between ff and f is to realise that the former is f pronounced as in off and the latter is f as in of.


Would an emphatic form like "ydw" be more formal/"correct" here? (In because if this is what native speakers say, it's by definition correct already.)


ydw is not emphatic, it is just a different form that can be used here. dw is the form usually taught in Wales on introductory course for adults.


Thank you! I must admit that I get a bit confused by the patterns you see in some textbooks (dyn, rydyn, dydyn; oedd, roedd, doeed etc.)


So this sentence is OSV (or maybe just OS). How do I know when if sentence is SVO or OSV?


The verb 'to be' ('bod', of which 'dw' is the 1st person singular, present tense, form) does not really have an object. It's called a copula, I think, where 'ffermwr' and 'i' are equated to each other, both being the same person. The order of the sentence denotes a sort of emphasis, whereby the speaker tells us that he is a farmer (as opposed to something else, e.g. a teacher). That is why 'ffermwr' comes first.

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This type of sentence, which alters the usual VSO for Welsh is used for empahsis. It is fairly uncommon apart from introducing names or jobs.

Megan dw i = I am Megan (lit: Megan I am)

Nyrs dw i = I am a nurse (lit:- Nurse I am)


Ah! The most famous phrase of Max Yasgur.

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