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Numbers written down?

It is my understanding we are supposed to translate and not to add content to the text. However, a lot of people tend to write numbers as in ''four'' or ''five'' etc. while the original text says ''4'' or ''5''. I personally write ''4'' when the original text says ''4''. Am I doing it wrong?

June 4, 2012



I will quote the comments from an edit I suggested here, keeping names anonymous

suggested an edit

<pre>mikeydee’s and 110 others’ translation 8. ’s edit 8. eight ask for english translation not numerical mikeydee Wrong Mr. ... This is the web we are dealing with, not lessons... We should keep numbers as numbers and words as words. mikeydee Can you please tell me where it "asks" for the english and not the numerical? I agree. This is the second time this has come up, but for different articles. If the original article is in numbers, then it stays in numbers. I agree with you both. I was prompted by duolingo to correct and give a suggestion/reason. That was the only thing I could think of as to why the translation was marked incorrect. I am new to duolingo so it is very possible i misunderstood the task. You can see many other translators made the same mistake. It might be worth it to have the option to open a snippet of the original text on the side to see the context of the required translation. I've always received "100%" for using the numbers, so I think that's correct. I would report "incorrect" responses to the feedback folks. The task we have to do is to translate a text from Spanish to English. So if the original Spanish text says "8", that is "translated" into "8". I do not remember that I received less than 100% doing it that way, but the percentage you get isn't always an indiciation for right or wrong. </pre>

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On one hand, correct English grammar says that numbers less than 10 should be written out, while anything larger should be given as a numeral. On the other, we are translating and should try to be careful to change the mood, tone, etc of the original sentence.

Personally, in most cases, I would just leave the number as a numeral while translating most casual things, and spell out the number where appropriate on more academic or professional papers.


incorrect: ALWAYS leave numbers as numbers and words as words


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