"Are you listening to this woman?"

Translation:Wy słuchacie tej kobiety?

February 4, 2016

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If I ever understand all the this/that these/those terms it will be a miracle.


I didnt choose the last option which indicated listening to women as a plural but it said i was wrong. Should it be correct?


Do you mean "Are you listening to these women?" ? No, it's not a correct answer.


Yes I did not choose: "Wy słuchacie tej kobiety?" but it said this should be a correct answer. I thought that would mean these women yes, as in more than one. The question asks "Are you listening to this woman?" so I chose the only option which indicates singular.


OK, I see. So it was translating from English to Polish and the correct answer is: "Wy słuchacie tej kobiety?"

"Słuchać" is one of verbs which require its direct object to occur in Genitive, not in Accusative like in most cases. So this sentence means "Are you listening to this woman?" not "Are you listening to these women?"

In this sentence "ta kobieta" [Nominative] is used in Genitive form - "tej kobiety":


Cool I understand. Is there any gramatical reason for that or is it just the culture of how it's said?


Is "słuchać is one of verbs that require object in genitive" a grammatical reason?


Is this the correct formal version?: "Czy słuchasz tej pani?"


it is correct version, but not formal. It is informal between people having a conversation but polite towards the woman discussed.

Formal would be : czy słucha pan/pani tej kobiety/pani? czy słuchają państwo/panie/panowe tej kobiety/pani?

(czy słucha pani tej pani sounds awful)


Is there no such word as "słyszysz". It is probably the way I spoke as a small child but once I started going to school I lost Polish very quickly and got stuck in grade 1 standard. That was almost 70 years ago

  • słyszysz - you hear / you are hearing
  • słuchasz - you listen / you are listening / you obey / you are obeying


I see. So one is hearing and the other is listening

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