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Where can I sit for TORFL in Asia?

Hi, I am interested in sitting for TORFL (The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) in the near future but I am not able to travel to the testing centers in Russia (or Europe).

Thanks for your help!

2 years ago

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There are a couple of authorised centres in Japan (see here), as well as some in Vietnam, Mongolia, and South Korea.

Their contact details can be found here: http://www.torfl.org/en/content/centers-abroad (I'm not sure how comprehensive the list is, but at least it's there).

Sorry, didn't notice this one at first. They've got a full list of their Asian partners on that website: http://www.torfl.org/en/content/partners-asia. I guess you could try contacting the university closest to where you are.

2 years ago