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"Hvorfor kommer doktoren for sent?"

Translation:Why is the doctor arriving too late?

February 4, 2016



Could it be translated as "Why is the doctor arriving so late"?


Should be 'so late' - 'too late' does not make sense grammatically


The implication here is that we have a medical doctor who came later than appropriate. Too late implies a dead or injured patient as the result of the delay or that the event or reason for the visit by the doctor is over or concluded; so late implies he came later than he should have come or later than he was expected, which is I believe the correct meaning of "for sent."

Duolingo will have to confirm or correct as the case may be for the correct meaning of "for sent" as used here.

However the bigger issue is that "doktor " på dansk based on prior Posts and my ord bog is a PhD not a medical doctor. As such, if we are discussing the late arrival of a medical doctor the correct word is lægen; "hvorfor kommer lægen for sent." If we mean why did the PhD doctor come to the event so late, then that is the correct translation.


He knew the patient was dead.

I believe this to be a poor translation of coming so late or too late.


Is coming too late VS is arriving too late


Doesn't make any sense "too late", it should be 'so late'.

Too late would suggest that the doctor has arrived and the patient has already died.

So late would mean that the doctor had just taken his/her time in arriving.


The doktor is always coming too late but it is not his fault. It is because the patient calls him only when he is already ill.

Like the fireman : He comes always too late, when the house is already on fire.

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