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  5. "Epler og jordbær er frukt."

"Epler og jordbær er frukt."

Translation:Apples and strawberries are fruit.

February 4, 2016



Strawberries aren't fruit. Their seeds are on the outside. I'm fun at parties.


Why eplER but not jordbærER ?


Many, many one-syllable Norwegian words like "bær" or "hus" do not change in the plural, much like the English words "deer" or "buffalo."


I've noticed that other words that end with -bær ('berry') are missing a plural -er ending: jordbær, bringebær, blåbær, etc. It could be because 'et bær' is a single syllable, neuter noun and doesn't have a plural ending; that could carry over into the words ending with it. Either that or they could be irregular nouns.


Can't hear the difference between eplet and epler


If I'm having a hard time hearing it, I can usually catch the difference if I listen to the slow version. Eplet sounds more like epla. Epler may have a soft R, but it is definitely there. It also may sound slightly longer than eplet, because you kind of hear the R release, almost but not quite like eplera.


Nei, jordbær er faktisk nøtt


I translated it as 'apples and strawberry are fruit. ' it is considered incorrect, but why, if both plural and singular are the same?


maybe they are FRUITS why not FRUKTER ? so many questions , life is too short

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