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  5. "Epler og jordbær er frukt."

"Epler og jordbær er frukt."

Translation:Apples and strawberries are fruit.

February 4, 2016



Strawberries aren't fruit. Their seeds are on the outside. I'm fun at parties.


Jordbær er frukt. Jordbær er ikke bær.


Why eplER but not jordbærER ?


Many, many one-syllable Norwegian words like "bær" or "hus" do not change in the plural, much like the English words "deer" or "buffalo."


Only when I have to learn this in other languages do I realise how difficult it must be to learn English too


I've noticed that other words that end with -bær ('berry') are missing a plural -er ending: jordbær, bringebær, blåbær, etc. It could be because 'et bær' is a single syllable, neuter noun and doesn't have a plural ending; that could carry over into the words ending with it. Either that or they could be irregular nouns.


Can't hear the difference between eplet and epler


If I'm having a hard time hearing it, I can usually catch the difference if I listen to the slow version. Eplet sounds more like epla. Epler may have a soft R, but it is definitely there. It also may sound slightly longer than eplet, because you kind of hear the R release, almost but not quite like eplera.


Nei, jordbær er faktisk nøtt


I translated it as 'apples and strawberry are fruit. ' it is considered incorrect, but why, if both plural and singular are the same?


maybe they are FRUITS why not FRUKTER ? so many questions , life is too short

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