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Ease of typing

On other Operating Systems except Windows 7, I do not know how to get special characters on the keyboard for EASY typing, but on Windows 7, Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Go to Ease of Access Center
  3. Go to Make the Keyboard Easier to Use
  4. Add a Dvorak Keyboard or Change Other Keyboard Input Settings
  5. Change Keyboards (under Keyboards and Languages Panel)
  6. Add
  7. Under English (United States), check the box of United States-International
  8. Click Okay and then go to Advanced Key Settings
  9. Assign the Keyboard Shortcuts to Change Languages


Now experiment

'+o=ó '+a=á ;=ñ '+i=í etc.

Note: The characters ' '' ` ~ don't show up unless you press a space after them (the space doesn't get processed) this is so that you can put those accent mark over letters e.g. ' and then e = é and " and then u = ü

June 4, 2012



You can also just replace your US keyboard layout with US International layout. This way you won't have to switch layouts at all.


You could... but then you can't easily type ' or " without it trying to attach to the following characters.


Thank you so much! This worked perfectly.


It's pretty similar if you're still running XP...

Click on Control Panel Click Regional and Language Options - a new window will pop up Click the Languages tab Click on the Details button Click the Add button - a new window will pop up Select United States-International (keyboard layout menu) Click OK Click Apply

(See mikeydee's post for how to use.)


For OS X, this method to type "special" characters works out-of-the-box. With the default settings on Lion, one can also hold down a key for a short time and a context menu will pop up with similar special characters. Hitting the appropriate number key or clicking on the character (with the mouse) will insert the character. This second method also works on iOS devices.


I didn't realize that the characters you said would make umlauts too! I also didn't realize that you have to use the RIGHT alt key, NOT the left alt key to do what you said. For German, Right Alt + S makes an esset or "ss". Thank you!

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